Friday, March 19, 2010

Why Use Promotional Imprinted Products

There are so many reasons why promotional items are important in your advertising & marketing campaigns. I've tried to condense it into five points showing you just how effective & vital they are to your business.

Advertising specialties & promotional custom products are an effective yet inexpensive way to get your name out among the public. It is the longest lasting advertising you can invest in because they have the ability to stay visible for years to come. These items are used any place there’s people.......there’s no limit to where your logo, company name & advertising message can go.
There’s no waste because you can target exactly where & to whom you want your promotional item & your advertising message to go. In most cases they are given directly to clients or to prospects. The promotion you are giving out can fit your business or can be given at an event where you want your name to be seen......a golf tournament, grand opening, trade show, seminar, a special sale or to promote team spirit.
The medium is the message.
Products with your name & logo on them are constantly being used. Your customers will be reminded of you every time they write with a pen that has your name on it, drink from a coffee cup w/ your advertising message, hit a golf ball with your logo, drive behind a car with your website on the license plate frame or see someone wearing a t-shirt with your service or product advertised on it.
Promotional imprinted products are long-lasting appreciation & thank you gifts for your customers. They show your clients that you appreciate their loyalty & that you value your business relationship with them.
Customized promotional items foster customer loyalty, referrals & goodwill. And that’s a good recipe for a successful business!

Let your name stand out in front of your clients at all times. Ronni Sherman