Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Details Matter When Choosing Your Customized Promotional Product

You begin by choosing the promotional imprinted products that you believe will be best for your target audience & your business. There are many aspects of advertising that you should consider when designing your marketing products. The best promotional item for your business can easily be improved or destroyed by the details of the product, itself.

Here is what you need to think about when ordering your logo imprinted product. This holds true for ALL marketing items, but I'm going to use a pen as an example because it's one of the most popular & universal of all advertising specialties.

  • ITEM: The very first step in choosing customized promotional items is knowing your target audience--who they are, where they are, the age group they fall in to......are there special interests that could be relevant. Next know your company because the item you hand out needs to reflect you & what you stand for. A pen is not just a pen--there are all shapes & sizes out there & the one you pick should be used & not tucked away in a desk drawer. If you like a wide pen with a twist-action cap, don't think about giving it out at assisted living facilities or where the elderly congregate. On the other hand, professors & people connected to the academic world may love it. Once you know you have landed on the right product choice, you're not home free......the decisions don't end here.
  • COLOR: This is a huge factor. Now let's say that you choose a pen with a modern design in the grip that you know your targeted audience will relish & at the same time, it will make your company stand out. Your target demographic is 30 - 50 year old professionals & you choose neon green as the color. You have chosen a product that would be great for your target; however, neon green probably will not thrill this group of people. As a matter of fact, they may try to avoid it at all costs. Conservative colors like silver, black, navy, burgundy or forest green would be good for them. Think about your company colors--it would be ideal to use them on whatever you give out as long as they are compatible with the group you are targeting.
  • MESSAGE: Keep in mind your target audience, but don't get carried away with over selling your business to them on a small item. This may lead to confusion if they look at the product & there are too many messages. Worse it could be illegible altogether. A pen can only show minimal copy if you want it to effectively get your message across. Your name & logo is a given & maybe you can add either a website, email or phone number; but don't try all of them if you want to be noticed & attain company recognition. You won't receive the same reception as you would if you very simply designed your product with your business name & logo. If it's absolutely necessary to add all your contact information or advertise something special within your company, then choose a promotional custom product that is condusive to a lot of copy......t-shirts, note pads, mouse pads, reusable bags or some styles of drink ware.

When you choose an item to put your logo on you want to ensure that it will serve as the best possible advertisement for your business. The details are just as important as the product that you choose. You must make every aspect of that promotional item something that your target will really like & appreciate. This means choosing the colors and messages that are appropriate for your target as well as the marketing product, itself. You want to make sure you're distributing something that will be used over & over & will bring your business identity & increased traffic.

Pay close attention to all the details. Be creative, make an impact, stand out--you don't want to blend in with your competition; yet at the same time, make sure it's what your target audience wants & what best represents your business.

I hope this helps the next time you choose a promotional imprinted product.
Ronni Sherman

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Your First Time Buying Promotional Imprinted Products?

You haven't used logo imprinted items to promote your company yet? Maybe you've thought about it, but you're not sure if it's right for you or if it is, just where to begin? Let me give you some tips to start you off.

First I'll give you six reasons why you should use them:

1. Advertising specialties are an effective yet inexpensive way to get your name out among the public. It's the longest lasting advertising you can invest in because promotional custom products have the ability to stay visible & in the public's eye for years to come.

2. There's no waste because you can target exactly where & to whom you want your marketing items & your message to go. In most cases, they are given directly to clients & prospective customers.

3. The medium is the message. Products with you name & logo on them are constantly being used.

4. Promotional products make great appreciation & thank you gifts for your customers. They show your clients that you appreciate their loyalty & that you value their business.

5. They generate new & repeated business. Studies have proven that customers who receive customized promotional items return more often than those who receive coupons or promises of upcoming sales.

6. Promotional items foster customer loyalty, referrals & goodwill. And that's a good recipe for a successful business!

There absolutely is no right or wrong way to integrate promotional wholesale products into your business. These products work so well to help you advertise & promote your business that you should be motivated to give them a try, but how & where you you use them is your discretion.

Many businesses like to begin with an inexpensive promotional item first to test the waters on this method of advertising & to get a feel for the promotional products company they are considering. When I say inexpensive, I'm not asking you to compromise on quality--don't ever do that because these items reflect you & your company.

It might also be wiser to  place an order for a smaller quantity, if this is your first time handing out advertising specialties. It's best to see if you're happy with the quality of the items & the quality of the imprint. This last is so important since it's showing off your logo & your company name.  No one wants to place a large order only to be disappointed. Next test your target audience & see the impact your product has on them.

And know your target audience. Know who you are handing your marketing products out to. One promotional item may work well with one group of people & be totally ineffective for another. So do your homework before even considering ordering your logo imprinted product. You could end up turning away from an item that is ideal for your business simply because you didn't hand it out to the right people. One other piece of advise that I can't stress strongly enough......your customized promotional item needs to be relevant to your business & still be useful & of value to the recipient. 

When selecting the product for your first imprinting make sure that the company you are using is selling you products from a vendor they know & have used before. Make sure you ask for a virtual proof & a complete description of the article you're contemplating buying.

Ask about the options available to you & if there are other costs besides the price of the product. There are usually set-up fees, shipping charges & some companies now charge for a proof. This last charge is becoming more common & I, for one, am totally against it & will not pass it on to my customers. If time allows, you can even request a sample of the product before you go ahead with your order.

Upon receiving your order be sure to test out the items that you have purchased. Look them over for consistency in the imprint quality & make sure they function properly. It is important that you do these things before passing them along to your clients & prospects. After all, with your business name & logo imprinted on them, you need to make sure that they are of an acceptable quality to represent your business. They will reflect your standards.

You will find that as soon as you begin using promotional custom products within your company, they will help spread the word about your business & begin to bring you company identity. As a result most business owners notice an increase in new traffic. Logo imprinted products are a great way to help stimulate business without having to spend a lot of time & money on other forms of advertising. It's a simpler & more effective way to advertise your products or services.

These items are used any place there's people........there's no limit to where your logo, company name & advertising message can go! Go ahead, try them & the best of luck.
Ronni Sherman

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Note Pads As Promotional Wholesale Products

Every business needs to advertise, but most types of advertising can be extremely daunting financially. Balancing cost with effectiveness is paramount. Promotional imprinted products are an economical yet effective use of your company's budget.

Once you've realized this is one of the most efficient routes to go when it comes to advertising, you now have to decide on a custom promotional item that is best for your business. With so many choices out there, this can be overwhelming.

So where do you start? How can you be sure what will work for you? One very cost effective option that I suggest are note pads. This is something that everybody uses whether in the office, at home or on the go. And every time they use it, guess who's name & advertising message they'll see? 

Here are three reasons why I find these an ideal choice when you want your company name & logo out there for the public to recognize & you're working on a limited budget.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying promotional custom products is wasting your money on something that won't be used by your clients or prospective customers. Note pads are used on a daily basis by just about everyone, everywhere. And the good news is, the sheets from the pads go from hand to hand spreading word of your product or service. Office workers can jot a quick memo to give to a colleague & at home they're used to send notes to teachers, neighbors, friends--the list is endless. The bottom line is these are a constant reminder of your business.

Large Imprint Space:
This is the perfect item to get creative & show off what your company is all about. The entire area of the pad is your to advertise if you use the center for phantom imaging. I can't tell you how many times my customers have wanted to put more than their name & website on a pen & there just isn't room. Yet, on a note pad, you can list everything you want known about your business including a map with directions or actual photos of your product.

There is no end to the choice of styles that are available. There are the large desk pads that are used as weekly planners or monthly calendars. In smaller sizes, lined & unlined note pads are available. Other options are die-shaped pads as well as those with beveled edges. While most pads are uncovered & bound with glue, you can also purchase them with custom covers & spiral-bound. One of the most popular choices are sticky notes & these, like the traditional pads, come in all shapes & sizes. Memo cubes come as note pads or sticky notes & these can vividly display your logo & advertising message on all four sides plus each individual sheet.

Let me remind you that quality is also an important component when picking out the pad of your choice. If they are poorly constructed or the imprint is inferior, that is the image you'll be projecting for your company when you hand them out. Wherever your name goes, it says something about you. Let it say your business standards are all about distinction, quality & superbness.

I hope this helps you make a wise decision with your next promotional imprinted product.
Remember to make it fun!
Ronni Sherman