Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Details Matter When Choosing Your Customized Promotional Product

You begin by choosing the promotional imprinted products that you believe will be best for your target audience & your business. There are many aspects of advertising that you should consider when designing your marketing products. The best promotional item for your business can easily be improved or destroyed by the details of the product, itself.

Here is what you need to think about when ordering your logo imprinted product. This holds true for ALL marketing items, but I'm going to use a pen as an example because it's one of the most popular & universal of all advertising specialties.

  • ITEM: The very first step in choosing customized promotional items is knowing your target audience--who they are, where they are, the age group they fall in to......are there special interests that could be relevant. Next know your company because the item you hand out needs to reflect you & what you stand for. A pen is not just a pen--there are all shapes & sizes out there & the one you pick should be used & not tucked away in a desk drawer. If you like a wide pen with a twist-action cap, don't think about giving it out at assisted living facilities or where the elderly congregate. On the other hand, professors & people connected to the academic world may love it. Once you know you have landed on the right product choice, you're not home free......the decisions don't end here.
  • COLOR: This is a huge factor. Now let's say that you choose a pen with a modern design in the grip that you know your targeted audience will relish & at the same time, it will make your company stand out. Your target demographic is 30 - 50 year old professionals & you choose neon green as the color. You have chosen a product that would be great for your target; however, neon green probably will not thrill this group of people. As a matter of fact, they may try to avoid it at all costs. Conservative colors like silver, black, navy, burgundy or forest green would be good for them. Think about your company colors--it would be ideal to use them on whatever you give out as long as they are compatible with the group you are targeting.
  • MESSAGE: Keep in mind your target audience, but don't get carried away with over selling your business to them on a small item. This may lead to confusion if they look at the product & there are too many messages. Worse it could be illegible altogether. A pen can only show minimal copy if you want it to effectively get your message across. Your name & logo is a given & maybe you can add either a website, email or phone number; but don't try all of them if you want to be noticed & attain company recognition. You won't receive the same reception as you would if you very simply designed your product with your business name & logo. If it's absolutely necessary to add all your contact information or advertise something special within your company, then choose a promotional custom product that is condusive to a lot of copy......t-shirts, note pads, mouse pads, reusable bags or some styles of drink ware.

When you choose an item to put your logo on you want to ensure that it will serve as the best possible advertisement for your business. The details are just as important as the product that you choose. You must make every aspect of that promotional item something that your target will really like & appreciate. This means choosing the colors and messages that are appropriate for your target as well as the marketing product, itself. You want to make sure you're distributing something that will be used over & over & will bring your business identity & increased traffic.

Pay close attention to all the details. Be creative, make an impact, stand out--you don't want to blend in with your competition; yet at the same time, make sure it's what your target audience wants & what best represents your business.

I hope this helps the next time you choose a promotional imprinted product.
Ronni Sherman