Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Into Marketing With These Promotional Imprinted Products

Spring is officially here (although for many people it came early a month ago). Days are longer & warmer. This is the season of rebirth & optimism.

People feel this also. They're out jogging, biking, strolling--taking advantage of the sun & the extended daylight hours. Convertible tops are down, sweaters are traded for light weight t-shirts, patio areas of restaurants & coffee shops are filled to capacity......everyone seems happier & more carefree during springtime. It's the season of promises & good things to come.

Bring this feeling of optimism into your business. Now is an excellent time to refresh your company's image. Give your customized promotional items & marketing campaigns a new look. Sometimes that's what is needed to grab the public's attention.

Has your logo been on the same pen or the same note pad month after month? Here are some springtime marketing ideas to make your business shine. These promotional imprinted products will make the impact you're seeking.

SPORT BOTTLES: These are great because wherever they go, so does your company name & they are taken everywhere. They're available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes & colors--bright colors that will make your business stand out. They also come in a variety of options including nalgene bottles, aluminum & stainless steel water bottles, BPA free bottles & bottles made from recycled products.

SEED PACKETS: Promote with a gift that blooms. Customized seed packs are hot, new marketing tools that provide an interactive experience & a lasting impression. They are available in a variety of types: organic vegetables, fruits, wildflowers, garden flowers, herbs & more. You can even get a money's that for an idea to promote your business! They can also come with imprinted planters that sit on a desk or window sill.

FLYING DISCS: Frisbees have become a popular sport & can be seen in parks, at beaches--almost anywhere that people gather during these spring months. Let your logo fly through the air & be noticed on these bright colored discs.

GOLF ITEMS: Whether at a private club or a public course, your company name can be seen. Your options are endless.....tees, balls, markers, towels, gloves & yes--go for it--put your logo on an umbrella. Show that you care about what is going on in your community & give them out at a golf fund-raiser. Your clients & prospective customers who are golfers will appreciate anything you give them that has to do with the sport. Your company name will be seen rolling around the green.

UMBRELLAS: Spring is also the season of rain. Even on the gloomy wet days you can show off your company. More than 1/2 the population keeps umbrellas in their cars year around & almost everyone carries them on rainy days. Be creative & make it fun.

STADIUM CUSHIONS: Little League, T-ball & soccer--whether at practice or a game, parents & friends will be sitting in the bleachers. These cushions have come along way in the last few years. They are no longer the plastic squares that slid off the seat. Now the material is more comfortable as is the shape. They are available with backs, drink holders & pockets to hold keys, etc. Other styles can be folded to fit in a pocket.

EXERCISE BAND: Now everyone wants to get in shape for the approaching summer months, but time can be limited. Going to the gym may not be an easy option. This exercise band is one of my's made from stretchable laytex material & has foam handles. It's easy to store & can be taken anywhere......the office, on vacation or good to use at home.

BAND-AID HOLDER: And of course the more you're out & the more active you are, chances are there could be accidents. Bug bites, scrapes & other minor injuries can occur & where's that bandage when you need one? Band-aid holders that carry 5 bandages at a time can easily be tucked into a car console, sport bag or pocket.

Offering new promotional custom products that fit in with a season or lifestyle can be an effective way to boost your company image. Offering them during the springtime is also a fun & unique way to attract attention. These are items that people can use on a daily basis, products they may buy for give them yours with your logo boldly imprinted. They'll be grateful & they'll remember you when they need what your business offers.

I hope this helps you with new marketing ideas. Good luck!
Ronni Sherman

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Promotional Imprinted Products Are Effective, Yet Subtle

There are many reasons why promotional products are effective for raising brand awareness. Businesses, both large & small, can use them in conjunction with other types of marketing to raise company recognition. Promotional custom products can also form the bulk of an advertising campaign. Regardless of how much weight they have in a company's marketing strategy, promotional items generate success thanks to their unassuming & subtle nature.

According to the American Kidney Fund, the number one reason it uses customized promotional items to raise awareness for its cause is that these items are unobtrusive. As a major force in the fight against kidney disease, the American Kidney Fund has found success in giving out promotional bags & branded 1st aid kits. The organization's judgment that subtle marketing is effective for non-profit groups shows how effective these products can be for both charities & private companies.

Here are some of the best promotional products that operate with subtlety & taste:

Promotional Pens
The ultimate in unobtrusive branding, pens are an excellent way to surreptitiously bring a business's name to mind. Most pens that are lying around the house or office bear the name of a company or group, & those names are likely to be easily recognized by the pen's owner.

Promotional notebooks represent a subtle form of marketing. A notebook cover is not what a person is usually looking at when he uses a notebook. To the owner, it is only a collection of bound pages. However, by including a company's logo & name on the cover, consumers are quickly & subtly reminded of an organization or business every time they go to use the paper.

Shopping Bags
The bags are utilitarian & in some cities a necessity. Your name is always there--large & bold for the public to see; yet, it's still unobtrusive because of the nature of the item. This is a great way to promote your company's recognition while promoting your interest in the future of our planet.

Note Pads & Sticky Notes
Everyone uses these--practically everyday. This is a constant & subtle reminder of your company with your logo & name creatively shown on each page. Multi-color imprint is usually included at no extra charge........make it colorful, make it eye-catching.

Letter Opener
We get mail 6 days (soon 5) every week & this handy item is used daily to open envelopes. Your name is there whenever an envelope is opened & it will stand out more than the name on that envelope.

Hot Pad Holders & Oven Mitts
These are in every kitchen & used automatically whenever something hot comes out of the oven. While a meal is cooking, they are usually found on the counter. So whose logo is seen in that kitchen during the week when someone is cooking or baking?

And last but not least.............
Ceramic Mugs
According to research by the National Coffee Association, 56% of adults living in the US drank coffee every day in 2011--about 135 million people. This amounts to nearly $21 billion spent on coffee by Americans yearly. How much do you spend a day? This creates a huge market for you to spread your company name & business image among the public.

Coffee has become very important in our daily lives. How many times have you heard: "not until I've had my coffee" or "let's meet for coffee"? If coffee is part of our routine, then most likely the mug is too.

Look at the mugs in your cupboard. I opened a friend's cupboard to see what she had & what a gold mine......Starbuck's, Seattle's Best, IHop, Universal Studios, Mirage Hotel (in Vegas), Keyes European Cars, LA Fitness, Make A Wish Foundation, Columbia University & that's just what wasn't in the dishwasher.

Companies & charities use these promotional imprinted products because they've proven to work. If people like the mug, they will keep it for years. That's great exposure time & time again. When you make them colorful & fun, your customer won't feel like he's using a commercial mug & he may tote it around everyday, making it his favorite.

So yes, you can give a promotional item that your customer will appreciate & not feel like he's in the middle of a pushy ad campaign.
Ronni Sherman

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's In Your Car?

What do you think is the most popular promotional imprinted product found in a car: an ice scraper, a pen, an umbrella or a map/road atlas?  (The answer is further down in this article).

In a recent survey respondents were asked a series of questions to see just how effective customized promotional items were for the automobile industry & all related fields. It was found that products given to be used in the car were just as efficient as promotional products were in all other fields.
  • Nearly two-thirds of respondents (63%) can name a brand or company/organization featured on promotional merchandise that is kept in their car.
  • Almost all of the respondents (94%) believe that promotional custom products increases a company's brand awareness.
  • Over half of the respondents (52%) would keep the promotional item themselves, rather than pass it on to colleagues or family.
  • Almost half of the respondents (46%) have purchased from the companies that were branded on an imprinted product that was in their car.
  • The most popular item with a logo in their car was a pen (42%). That was followed by an umbrella (31%), ice scraper (16%) and last--a map or road atlas (11%).
Other customized promotional items that are good for the car:

1st Aid Kit: This is a must. You'll never know when there will be an emergency whether in an accident or mother nature.  This is as important as your spare tire. They come in all sizes & are filled with an assortment of bandages, ointments & other emergency 1st aid items.

Trunk Organizer: A cargo caddy is good for transporting groceries, sports equipment, blankets, flashlights & more.  Put an end to sports bottles & other things rolling all over the trunk--everything can now be neat & within reach.

Non-Woven Shopping Bags: These are good to always have on hand when you go shopping. Show you care about the environment with these reusable & popular totes. What's better than having your customers advertise for you when they shop--your logo & company name will pop on these grocery bags.

Blanket: This is another must for the car.  AAA suggests everyone should have one in their automobile. They come folded in their own carrying case or can be rolled & secured with a strap. When not in use, they are compact & can be tucked away........maybe in a trunk organizer.

Flashlight: I don't think this needs an explanation why it's so important to have one in your car. Besides emergencies, it's a convenience.  Have you ever dropped a credit card, money or a key in a dark car? I suggest one that also comes with an AM/FM radio.  Some run on batteries, some are crank operated. Others come equipped with a flashing red light & siren.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes or Hand Sanitizer: These are compact & can easily fit in a car console or glove compartment. They are becoming increasingly popular......they're now at the entrance of all grocery stores.  How times have you wished you could wash your hands or your child's hands when you've been running around doing errands or during road trips? Their uses are too numerous to list, but this is definitely something your customers will use & appreciate.

Whether you're in the automobile industry or not, chances are someone in your targeted audience drives & these are ideas that can be used by anybody.

The pen always to reign #1 when it comes to promotional custom products. It doesn't matter if it stays in the car, your purse or computer bag or remains on your desk at the all studies, it's right there at the top.

It's a good choice too, but I hope I've given you other alternatives that your customers would keep close by.  Customized promotional items for vehicles are always good choices because our cars have become our second homes & something used in the car means your logo is often within view.

Think about this the next time you're ready to order promotional imprinted products. I hope it helps.
Good luck!
Ronni Sherman

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Earth week begins Monday, 4/16 & ends on Earth Day, 4/22.

Earth Day in 2012 is on Sunday, April 22.  Schools, businesses, communities & green organizations will be celebrating it all week long.  It's global & will be celebrated by millions around the world.  This is the 42nd anniversary.

The 1st Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord on April 22, 1970 as a day for celebrating, teaching & learning about the environment. It was an ecological teach-in to promote ecology & respect for life on the planet & to increase awareness of pollution. It was started in the United States but has now become a world famous event.

Recent natural disasters & government focus on global warming have shifted public attention toward the environment more than ever before. As a result, it's important to consider the widespread interest in earth-friendly issues when choosing promotional imprinted products. Companies that do business in environmental cities should take note of customized promotional items that can promote a brand or service while acknowledging our impact on the planet.

Reusable Shopping Bags: More & more people are rejecting plastic & even paper shopping bags when grocery shopping. There's no better way to increase company identity for shoppers than with a promotional reusable tote bag. The large imprint area offers a big space to show off your business. Some bags are even biodegradable while others are made recyclable materials.

Sport Bottles: Those who are conscious of the environment will always have their own water/sport bottles, both to promote clean tap water & to reject the idea of filling landfills with disposable bottles. These bottles have high visibility & are used often. They make an impact with their brilliant colors. They also link companies with healthy living & an active lifestyle.

Mouse Pads: Last week I wrote an article about how effective mouse pads can be, especially when you want to show more than just your company name & website. You can do this in a fun, colorful & creative way to make your business stand out & now you can do it on a mouse pad made from recycled materials. Why not......the colors are just as bright & vivid as they are on the ordinary mouse pads.

Pens & Note Pads: A list on promotional custom products can't be complete without mentioning these popular items. They're an economical & reliable way to get your name out among the public  & something people use everyday. Now they are also eco-friendly & made out of recycled materials. Spiral notebooks with recycled covers & paper are also available in a wide choice of styles. Pens are constructed from pressed paper, bamboo wood or recycled plastic.

Sticky Notes & Sticky Flag Combinations: It seems everyone is using sticky notes & flags today & now you can get them in an eco-friendly case with a matching pen--the barrel is made from pressed recycled paper. These are ideal for everybody, whether a student or a professional. They're handy to have in the work place, at home & make an impact when given out at fund raisers, seminars & trade shows.

Planters With Seed Packets: An emphasis on green & sustainable products makes these imprinted planters winners. These make great appreciation & holiday gifts.  Add a packet of seeds for a money tree & you have an unique gift for a client's desk. If your customers are home-based, then add packets of herbs or flowers.

These are just a few ideas, but there's so much tees made from recycled plastic or corn resin based plastic, t-shirts made from eco-friendly material, stress balls & other stress items are now available in recycled materials & the list goes on.

Next time you purchase customized promotional items with your logo, think about the impact your company name can make if it's on something that's eco-friendly.
Ronni Sherman