Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Earth week begins Monday, 4/16 & ends on Earth Day, 4/22.

Earth Day in 2012 is on Sunday, April 22.  Schools, businesses, communities & green organizations will be celebrating it all week long.  It's global & will be celebrated by millions around the world.  This is the 42nd anniversary.

The 1st Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord on April 22, 1970 as a day for celebrating, teaching & learning about the environment. It was an ecological teach-in to promote ecology & respect for life on the planet & to increase awareness of pollution. It was started in the United States but has now become a world famous event.

Recent natural disasters & government focus on global warming have shifted public attention toward the environment more than ever before. As a result, it's important to consider the widespread interest in earth-friendly issues when choosing promotional imprinted products. Companies that do business in environmental cities should take note of customized promotional items that can promote a brand or service while acknowledging our impact on the planet.

Reusable Shopping Bags: More & more people are rejecting plastic & even paper shopping bags when grocery shopping. There's no better way to increase company identity for shoppers than with a promotional reusable tote bag. The large imprint area offers a big space to show off your business. Some bags are even biodegradable while others are made recyclable materials.

Sport Bottles: Those who are conscious of the environment will always have their own water/sport bottles, both to promote clean tap water & to reject the idea of filling landfills with disposable bottles. These bottles have high visibility & are used often. They make an impact with their brilliant colors. They also link companies with healthy living & an active lifestyle.

Mouse Pads: Last week I wrote an article about how effective mouse pads can be, especially when you want to show more than just your company name & website. You can do this in a fun, colorful & creative way to make your business stand out & now you can do it on a mouse pad made from recycled materials. Why not......the colors are just as bright & vivid as they are on the ordinary mouse pads.

Pens & Note Pads: A list on promotional custom products can't be complete without mentioning these popular items. They're an economical & reliable way to get your name out among the public  & something people use everyday. Now they are also eco-friendly & made out of recycled materials. Spiral notebooks with recycled covers & paper are also available in a wide choice of styles. Pens are constructed from pressed paper, bamboo wood or recycled plastic.

Sticky Notes & Sticky Flag Combinations: It seems everyone is using sticky notes & flags today & now you can get them in an eco-friendly case with a matching pen--the barrel is made from pressed recycled paper. These are ideal for everybody, whether a student or a professional. They're handy to have in the work place, at home & make an impact when given out at fund raisers, seminars & trade shows.

Planters With Seed Packets: An emphasis on green & sustainable products makes these imprinted planters winners. These make great appreciation & holiday gifts.  Add a packet of seeds for a money tree & you have an unique gift for a client's desk. If your customers are home-based, then add packets of herbs or flowers.

These are just a few ideas, but there's so much more........golf tees made from recycled plastic or corn resin based plastic, t-shirts made from eco-friendly material, stress balls & other stress items are now available in recycled materials & the list goes on.

Next time you purchase customized promotional items with your logo, think about the impact your company name can make if it's on something that's eco-friendly.
Ronni Sherman

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