Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Promotional Imprinted Products Are Effective, Yet Subtle

There are many reasons why promotional products are effective for raising brand awareness. Businesses, both large & small, can use them in conjunction with other types of marketing to raise company recognition. Promotional custom products can also form the bulk of an advertising campaign. Regardless of how much weight they have in a company's marketing strategy, promotional items generate success thanks to their unassuming & subtle nature.

According to the American Kidney Fund, the number one reason it uses customized promotional items to raise awareness for its cause is that these items are unobtrusive. As a major force in the fight against kidney disease, the American Kidney Fund has found success in giving out promotional bags & branded 1st aid kits. The organization's judgment that subtle marketing is effective for non-profit groups shows how effective these products can be for both charities & private companies.

Here are some of the best promotional products that operate with subtlety & taste:

Promotional Pens
The ultimate in unobtrusive branding, pens are an excellent way to surreptitiously bring a business's name to mind. Most pens that are lying around the house or office bear the name of a company or group, & those names are likely to be easily recognized by the pen's owner.

Promotional notebooks represent a subtle form of marketing. A notebook cover is not what a person is usually looking at when he uses a notebook. To the owner, it is only a collection of bound pages. However, by including a company's logo & name on the cover, consumers are quickly & subtly reminded of an organization or business every time they go to use the paper.

Shopping Bags
The bags are utilitarian & in some cities a necessity. Your name is always there--large & bold for the public to see; yet, it's still unobtrusive because of the nature of the item. This is a great way to promote your company's recognition while promoting your interest in the future of our planet.

Note Pads & Sticky Notes
Everyone uses these--practically everyday. This is a constant & subtle reminder of your company with your logo & name creatively shown on each page. Multi-color imprint is usually included at no extra charge........make it colorful, make it eye-catching.

Letter Opener
We get mail 6 days (soon 5) every week & this handy item is used daily to open envelopes. Your name is there whenever an envelope is opened & it will stand out more than the name on that envelope.

Hot Pad Holders & Oven Mitts
These are in every kitchen & used automatically whenever something hot comes out of the oven. While a meal is cooking, they are usually found on the counter. So whose logo is seen in that kitchen during the week when someone is cooking or baking?

And last but not least.............
Ceramic Mugs
According to research by the National Coffee Association, 56% of adults living in the US drank coffee every day in 2011--about 135 million people. This amounts to nearly $21 billion spent on coffee by Americans yearly. How much do you spend a day? This creates a huge market for you to spread your company name & business image among the public.

Coffee has become very important in our daily lives. How many times have you heard: "not until I've had my coffee" or "let's meet for coffee"? If coffee is part of our routine, then most likely the mug is too.

Look at the mugs in your cupboard. I opened a friend's cupboard to see what she had & what a gold mine......Starbuck's, Seattle's Best, IHop, Universal Studios, Mirage Hotel (in Vegas), Keyes European Cars, LA Fitness, Make A Wish Foundation, Columbia University & that's just what wasn't in the dishwasher.

Companies & charities use these promotional imprinted products because they've proven to work. If people like the mug, they will keep it for years. That's great exposure time & time again. When you make them colorful & fun, your customer won't feel like he's using a commercial mug & he may tote it around everyday, making it his favorite.

So yes, you can give a promotional item that your customer will appreciate & not feel like he's in the middle of a pushy ad campaign.
Ronni Sherman


  1. The best promotional item I ever saw was very "subtle". It was a pink water bottle with Oprah's signature "O" on it. That was all. Nothing else.

    Another promotional item that caught my attention was at the airport. I don't know if you would call it "subtle" but it was "unobtrusive" and an attention getter. It was a large white bag of some kind with the GOOGLE logo on it. It stood out because of the primary colors on white.

  2. I like the idea of the oven mitts. Very true.

    It's also true what you say about the mugs. Our cupboard has a mishmash of mugs from everywhere and we all have our favorites.

  3. Hot Pad Holders & Oven Mitts are awesome idea.I also prefer pens,notebooks and shopping bags,but the idea of letter opener is nod preferable from my point of view.Mugs idea is always working.
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