Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's In Your Car?

What do you think is the most popular promotional imprinted product found in a car: an ice scraper, a pen, an umbrella or a map/road atlas?  (The answer is further down in this article).

In a recent survey respondents were asked a series of questions to see just how effective customized promotional items were for the automobile industry & all related fields. It was found that products given to be used in the car were just as efficient as promotional products were in all other fields.
  • Nearly two-thirds of respondents (63%) can name a brand or company/organization featured on promotional merchandise that is kept in their car.
  • Almost all of the respondents (94%) believe that promotional custom products increases a company's brand awareness.
  • Over half of the respondents (52%) would keep the promotional item themselves, rather than pass it on to colleagues or family.
  • Almost half of the respondents (46%) have purchased from the companies that were branded on an imprinted product that was in their car.
  • The most popular item with a logo in their car was a pen (42%). That was followed by an umbrella (31%), ice scraper (16%) and last--a map or road atlas (11%).
Other customized promotional items that are good for the car:

1st Aid Kit: This is a must. You'll never know when there will be an emergency whether in an accident or mother nature.  This is as important as your spare tire. They come in all sizes & are filled with an assortment of bandages, ointments & other emergency 1st aid items.

Trunk Organizer: A cargo caddy is good for transporting groceries, sports equipment, blankets, flashlights & more.  Put an end to sports bottles & other things rolling all over the trunk--everything can now be neat & within reach.

Non-Woven Shopping Bags: These are good to always have on hand when you go shopping. Show you care about the environment with these reusable & popular totes. What's better than having your customers advertise for you when they shop--your logo & company name will pop on these grocery bags.

Blanket: This is another must for the car.  AAA suggests everyone should have one in their automobile. They come folded in their own carrying case or can be rolled & secured with a strap. When not in use, they are compact & can be tucked away........maybe in a trunk organizer.

Flashlight: I don't think this needs an explanation why it's so important to have one in your car. Besides emergencies, it's a convenience.  Have you ever dropped a credit card, money or a key in a dark car? I suggest one that also comes with an AM/FM radio.  Some run on batteries, some are crank operated. Others come equipped with a flashing red light & siren.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes or Hand Sanitizer: These are compact & can easily fit in a car console or glove compartment. They are becoming increasingly popular......they're now at the entrance of all grocery stores.  How times have you wished you could wash your hands or your child's hands when you've been running around doing errands or during road trips? Their uses are too numerous to list, but this is definitely something your customers will use & appreciate.

Whether you're in the automobile industry or not, chances are someone in your targeted audience drives & these are ideas that can be used by anybody.

The pen always to reign #1 when it comes to promotional custom products. It doesn't matter if it stays in the car, your purse or computer bag or remains on your desk at the office........in all studies, it's right there at the top.

It's a good choice too, but I hope I've given you other alternatives that your customers would keep close by.  Customized promotional items for vehicles are always good choices because our cars have become our second homes & something used in the car means your logo is often within view.

Think about this the next time you're ready to order promotional imprinted products. I hope it helps.
Good luck!
Ronni Sherman

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