Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Flash Your Logo & Company

I can't tell you how many times a customer will come to me asking for pens with their logo, company name, phone number, email, website & of course the tagline. They want their company bio imprinted in an area that's only 3/4" high & 2" long.  It can't be done--not on a pen.

But it can be done on other promotional custom products. There's tons to choose from that have a large imprint area, that can actually be mini billboards. There's one in particular that stands out because it's in the same price range as pens & the customer won't have to pay extra to display all his info......note pads & sticky notes.

Note pads are very cost effective & useful. This is something everybody uses whether in the office, at home or on the go. Yes, even with all the technology, these are still in demand. Every time they are used, guess who's name & advertising message will be seen?

Here are three reasons why I find these an ideal choice when you want your company name & logo out there for the public to see & you're working on a limited budget.

 Color paper will also help your pads to stand out.
One of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying promotional imprinted products is wasting your money on something that won't be used by your clients or prospective customers. Note pads are used on a daily basis by just about everyone, everywhere. The good news is, the sheets from the pads go from hand-to-hand spreading word of your product or service. Office workers can jot a quick memo & give it to a colleague & at home they're used to send notes to teachers, neighbors--the list is endless. The bottom line is these are a constant reminder of your business.

Large Imprint Space:
Use of optional lines & phantom images.
This is the perfect item to get creative & show off what your company is all about. The entire area of the pad is yours to advertise if you use the center for phantom imaging. On a customized promotional note pad, you can list everything you want known about your business including a map with directions or actual photos of your product. If you have a lot to say, you can say it all on this item. For as little as .40 you can tell the world about your business. Get creative--use images to show what you're all about & color to make your logo pop.

Sticky note pad with beveled edges for added impact.

There is no end to the choice of styles that are available. There are the large desk pads that are used as weekly planners. In the smaller sizes, there are fun & unique options such as die-cut shapes & those with beveled edges. While most pads are uncovered & bound with glue, you can also purchase them with hard custom covers & spiral bound. One of the most popular choices are sticky note4s & these, like the traditional pads, come in all shapes & sizes. Memo cubes come as note pads or sticky notes & these can display your logo & advertising message on all four sides plus each individual sheet. There's definitely something to fit the personality of your business.

Let me remind you that quality is also an important component when picking out the pad of your choice. If they are poorly constructed or the imprint is inferior, that is the image you'll be projecting for your business when you hand them out.  Wherever your name goes, it says something about you.  Let it say your company's standards are all about distinction, quality & superbness.

Ronni Sherman

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

10 Mistakes With Promotional Imprinted Products

How many times have you bought something & then later, when you got it home, you realized it wasn't what you wanted after all? You can usually go back to the store & return it if you have the receipt--it's no big deal. But that isn't the case if you ordered customized promotional items & when they arrive you know it's not good for your company or your customers. Too late......they've already been imprinted & you most likely approved the proof. Before you order, you need to think it out--don't be too rash--it could cost you in time, money & clients.

Promotional imprinted products are an excellent way to promote your brand, but don't rely on good luck & hope for the best results. Don't open the box of note pads to find spacing in the wording is actually sending a message far from the one you want to get across to your customers. Or you found travel mugs at "a price too good to be true" & now you discover the caps don't fit properly......oooops, no one will use them if they leak.

Avoid these common errors when ordering promotional custom products:

1.  The promotional product you want to give away does not match you image of the brand it represents. Perhaps the item is too cheap. You don't want to promote a Mercedes with a plastic key chain. Or if you're a nutritionist, you want to avoid snack bags of dried fruit that have your logo on it & also perservatives listed in the ingredients.
2.  The demographics of your market were not considered when choosing a promotional item. The most effective promotions take into account the needs & desires of the recipients. For instance, while teens & young adults would welcome imprinted phone & tablet stands, a senior audience would be more motivated by a product that will fit their lifestyle such as golf accessories or a deck of cards.
 3. You turned down the option of a proof or worse, didn't proof-read your proof. Don't let your next promotion embarrass you. One business owner caught a spelling mistake after his pens arrived & were being passed out.

4.  Proportion of the logo to the product really isn't flattering. I know you're proud of your logo; however; as an example a big logo across the chest of a man's is fine but can overwhelm a woman's t-shirt. Also most women prefer a smaller, more subtle imprint. Another example, if you're using two logos on any customized imprinted item, make sure one doesn't overpower the other.  For instance if you're sponsoring a team & using their mascot/logo, yours & theirs should be the same size.

5.  A logo can be too "in your face" & cheapen a nice promotional product.  Sometimes these items benefit from discreetly placed logos rather than plastering it across the entire surface. Especially if it's given as a gift of appreciation or during the holidays. Engraving or embossing your logo in a lower corner can say much more than loudly imprinting it boldly in a bright color.

6.  You tried to save a few cents & underspent. Your promotional item may be the only contact the recipient has with you & they will judge your company & your product or service by what the pen, note pad or letter opener you gave them. If you found what you thought was a bargain, it may end up costing you much more than the few extra cents you should have spent on the item you handed out. What is the public's impression of you if the pen doesn't write smoothly, the note pad doesn't keep the sheets together or the blade falls out of the letter opener?

7.  The promotional gift isn't useful to the recipients--it's value is worthless. The item's usefulness is the primary reason to keep it & thus keep your company's name in front of your market. Pens, note pads, electronic accessories, bags, t-shirts, baseball caps & drinkware are the most frequently kept imprinted items because they are useful. Above all, the product has to be relevant to your company & at the same time be useful to your target audience.

8.  Sizing is too generic. Unisex promotional apparel is no longer effective if the recipient doesn't wear your message. Be sure you know the age & the basics about your audience. If you are providing a give-away at a women's event, don't give men's unisex shirts..........or any unisex shirt for that matter.  Women will only wear what fits & what they feel looks good on them.  One size does not fit all, especially with women or children.

9. Your promotional product was too political or too religious.  Unless you are targeting a certain group that is connected with political, religious or special causes don't use your marketing item to express or push your personal views. This is the best way to push your customers over to your competitors. Stop & think what you are selling......make sure it's your company & no other agenda.

10.  A joke gone wrong. Only use clean humor in a promotion when it's clearly targeted to the appropriate audience & you know others will not be offended. actually it's better not to use jokes at all--nothing can be worse than a joke that's gone flat. Show your professional side to your customers--that is what they want from you.

Keep these 10 tips in mind next time you order your customized promotional items & you should have a successful advertising campaign using your imprinted products.  Good luck!

Ronni Sherman

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Have A Ball With Your Logo

Want an economical, yet a different promotional imprinted product to hand out? One that will appeal to almost everybody & you'll see their excitement when they receive it? Something that takes up less room to store than pens & yet has an imprint space large enough to show off your logo, company name & any other info you want to display?  They're fun, colorful & can even match a theme for your business or event.  Do you know what it is?

Beach balls! Yes, inflatable beach balls.

They're fun & used over & over. How many people can walk by a beach ball without kicking or tossing it?

Have you ever been to a concert or political fund raiser where beach balls are bounced around in the audience, going from person to person, keeping everyone engaged? Spirits rise as the ball soars through the air.

They have a large advertising space for your name to be seen at a distance. Take them on family vacations, camping trips or a day at the beach. They take up little space before they're blown up so it's a perfect promotional custom product to give out at a trade show.

And speaking of trade shows, here's a great way to display them in your booth to attract attention. Get two table fans & place them at each end of the booth entrance with the fan facing up toward the ceiling.  Turn them on & place a beach ball over each one & they will continually bounce in the air.

Besides the usual beach balls with primary color panels, you can get them in any color combination, metallics, translucents, solids or prints.  Your options are endless.

Customized promotional beach balls make a great window display that could work for a summer or sports themed window. In the winter different colored solid or translucent beach balls make a beautiful holiday window display of ornaments & if the lighting is right, the colors will really pop.

I have a customer who opened a couple of gyms in the area & wanted a fun & unique way to get people to know about them. They bought customized promotional beach balls in their company colors & had employees stand on the cliffs or piers overlooking the beach. They then threw them down at the sunbathers & watched as everyone, from toddler to adult, scrambled to get one.

They're good to hand out company picnics or fund raisers. A children's gymnastics facility gives them to families who sign up for summer camp or birthday parties. I've seen beach balls used as volley balls in a sand or pool volley ball game.

Since they are flat & light weight, they're easy to send through the mail as an invitation or an advertisement announcing a special or grand opening.

Beach balls are undoubtedly one of the most fun & versatile of promotional custom products. Oh & did I mention that they are very economical.

Have a ball with your logo & watch it bounce along the coastline, around backyard pools, at the lake or at a campsite. 
Ronni Sherman

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You Can Do What The Big Guys Do

One of the most difficult tasks in marketing, both off line & online, is achieving positive brand recognition. Every time someone sees the Coca-Cola logo, for instance, they automatically recognize it regardless of whether or not they like the drink, itself. The same thing is true of the single bright red star that has become identified with the Macy's brand.  There's also the black "swoosh" for Nike, the two intertwined C's (one reversed) for Chanel & the blue & white sphere for AT&T.  Achieving that kind of brand recognition is tough & requires a huge advertising budget.

There's constant exposure on TV--but how many people actually sit through an advertisement? And if they do, it's usually considered an inconvenient interruption. Ads in popular magazines--the bigger the circulation, the bigger the cost to advertise. And how people even look at the ads or remember them later? Billboards, online advertising......all of these methods are so expensive they are out of reach for most companies.

While the average business owner will not be able to achieve such exposure, they can still get some significant recognition at a reasonable cost by distributing promotional imprinted products. This definitely works because the same businesses--the fortune 500 companies--that can afford the costly advertising also uses promotional custom products.  They do it often & regularly. And so can you.

Before you even start to think about ordering promotional items, think first, how your brand represents you. Don't just pick a design for your logo or colors that you like & think that's it, you're through with this stage. Your logo, colors & tagline will tell the world what you're all about & the message they get may not be the one you want them to receive.
  • Make sure your brand name is consistent across all platforms of communication. You want customers to be able to recognize your company & product immediately.  Uniformity is the best way to accomplish this. If you have a logo & tagline, you should use it in conjunction with your company name & marketing at all times.
  • Put your customers first all the time. Remember, you're trying to reach them with your message so establish content that resonates with them in a positive manner.  It's not about what you like best, but rather what will make people connect with your business.
  • Make sure your message is something that will stand out from the crowd. Don't do what your competitors do. You don't want someone to get you mixed up with them. Show you're different, unique. While watching TV, if you see a gecko you know you're about to see a Geico commercial or that the talking sophisticated baby represents E-Trade.
Once you have a logo, tagline & colors that represent your company, you should start to think about promotional custom products.
  • Don't go for the cheapest just to have something to hand out. You're better off handing out nothing. The customized promotional item you distribute with your company name on it will represent you--it will show how much you care about your business & the services or products you provide. What will someone think if they get a pen that doesn't write consistently or breaks as soon as it's being used?
  • Make sure your product is relevant to your business & at the same time useful to the recipient. The whole point is to have your company in front of your customer or prospect at all times. If your promotional product is useless to them, it will get shoved in a drawer or thrown out & they won't think of you at all........unless they associate with that piece of junk they didn't want.
  • Once you have your product, HAND THEM OUT. Don't save them for a special occasion or for someone special. You'll most likely forget about them & when you do want to use them, they may show their age. If you keep them in the storage closet the only way they'll be seen is if you invite the public in to rummage through the boxes.
If you keep all of these things in mind, you should see a significant improvement in brand recognition.  Good luck!

Ronni Sherman

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pantone Color Of The Year

The Pantone color of the year is Emerald Green.  Pantone LLC, the global authority on color & provider of professional color standards for the design industry picks a new color every year.

The company is headquartered in Carlstadt, NJ & is best known for it's Pantone Matching System (PMS), a registered color system that standardizes colors in a variety of industries. PMS colors are used in the manufacturing of paint, fabrics, plastics & especially in the advertising specialty field.  It's the code of colors used imprinting promotional custom products.

They say emerald is lively, radiant & lush......a color of elegance that enhances a sense of well-being, balance & harmony. It's also the color of growth, renewal & prosperity.  No other color represents regeneration more than green.

Every year a new color is picked & they have reasons for that color, usually a reflection of the times. This year shows faith & hope in a growing economy.  Here are the colors chosen since 2000.

You will see emerald green in fashion, home decor, cosmetics, web design, graphic design, promotional imprinted products & as an accent to dress up accessories.

This color is easy to work with when it comes to customized promotional items whether you're using it as an imprint color or the actual item is emerald green. It's bright & rich & will make your logo pop & be noticed.  It's a fun color that shouts out "I'm here--don't ignore me."

Even if you don't use the exact PMS color, you can still get the feel of emerald green. Look at a real emerald & you will see different hues of green within the gem. That's what makes this color fun & easy to use......be creative, use your imagination.
Basically for branding purposes & company recognition, I feel it's best to stay with your corporate colors & not deviate from that. But, like in everything else, there are exceptions......one being if it's important for you to show you're a trendy business & up on all current events & fashions. If you're sponsoring a local sports team or school function you might use their colors with your logo & it would be a bonus if that color was Pantone's color of the year.

Whatever you do.........put your best foot--or color--forward when you promote your business.

Ronni Sherman

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Send Your Promotional Custom Products On A Trip

Do you want brand recognition beyond your community? To have your logo seen around the country without breaking the bank? How would you like to advertise your business nationwide--even worldwide--inexpensively......sometimes for under a dollar?

It can't be done, you say? Well, it can--simply by putting your logo on a promotional imprinted product that will be used while traveling. It doesn't matter if it's by plane, car, train or boat......you company name will be seen. Think of the exposure just one luggage tag or backpack can get.  Your logo will be going places where you won't be going.

Summer is here & it's one of the heaviest travel seasons. July & August are the busiest months. People are traveling more now than they did just a couple of years ago so take advantage of this time & hand out customized promotional items that the public will use while on vacation or a business trip. That students will use as they go to & from school. Wherever they go, they are taking your business right along with them!

Since almost everyone will be going someplace over the summer, whether a long week-end or several weeks, there's a broad spectrum of people who will welcome & use these products. You don't have to be in the travel industry to hand these out.

Here are some ideas for promotional custom products that are good for the traveler:

LUGGAGE TAGS: Yes, it's the obvious but you don't have to give out an ordinary plastic rectangular tag. They're now available in all shapes, including the shape of your logo & in bright colors that will make your company name pop. They come equipped with LED lights that are motion-sensored & light up when coming down the baggage carousel.  Some tags are 3-D & have brilliantly colored changing images--they become animated. How fun is that! Or the tag that says "Take This Bag. It's Dirty Laundry" is perfect for the college student.

TOTE BAGS, DUFFEL BAGS & BACKPACKS:  Everyone is schlepping a bag on the plane now. If they're going by car, bags of all kinds are being used to stuff extra items & then crammed into the trunk or back seat. There's not too much I can add that you don't already know. The large area will advertise your company spectacularly. Shapes, colors, sizes, price ranges......there's no end to the options you have.  Think of the places they'll go & the people who will see them.

SLEEP MASKS: While your clients snooze at 50,000 feet, this item will advertise your business to everyone who strolls down the aisle. The imprint space is large enough to vividly show of your logo & company & name.

UMBRELLAS: Your customer may be traveling, but the sun may be on vacation too. These are necessary to any traveler who is not going to a tropical island. Because customized promotional umbrellas are compact & collapsible, they are easy to pack & take up no room. Your company name can imprinted on one panel or all panels. Another plus about these are they are not stowed away with the luggage upon return, since in most regions they can be used year around. Your logo can shine on the gloomiest of days.

GARMENT BAGS: The suitcases have gotten smaller & the check-in bag fees bigger. No one wants to pay extra to check a bag through, but some garments can't be packed in a carry-on. One logical solution is a garment bag that the flight attendant can hang for you & you retrieve it as you exit the plane. Your suit, cocktail dress, band uniform will be in perfect condition & will never need packing or unpacking. That's a time saver.  These come in all materials & price ranges. My favorite is a non-woven bag because it's light weight & shows off your logo.

BEACH TOWELS: These are huge colorful billboards for your business.  There's no limit to what you can put on towels & enhance your company's image. Not everyone who is going to a beach area will be staying in a hotel that supplies towels. And let's not forget about campers. Camping on the beach, lakeside or fiver front is very popular & then the towels will be in great demand. These can be used all summer, whether home or away.

COOLERS: Speaking of camping, everyone will need a cooler--whether it's a small one that holds 24 cans of soda or a large one on wheels. Again, there's ample room to display your logo & advertising message. These are useful & can be used over & over, even when not on vacation......a day at the beach, on the boat, at a local soccer or little league game, a family picnic or while attending a concert or movie in the park. No matter where they are used, your logo will be seen by a lot of people.

COLORING BOOKS: On a plane, waiting at the airport, riding in the car or being stuck in a cabin on a rainy day--kids need to be entertained. Full sized coloring books with a full color cover & area for your logo & company name is ideal for any customer with children or grandchildren. There are activity books, coloring books & sticker books for all ages & covering many subjects: safety (bike & car), recycling, going to the doctor, dentist or hospital, bullying, staying away from strangers, how to call 911 for a policeman or fireman.......& the list goes on.  They are entertaining & educational.

These are just a few ideas where you can display your company name while traveling. When they go on a trip, let your business go along for the ride.

Ronni Sherman

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stone Paper--Amazing & Eco-Friendly Promotional Custom Product

I have a new favorite customized promotional item & it will be a long time before I find anything to top this......stone paper. In fact there are tons of pluses & not one thing negative about it. How many times can you that about something?

When I first heard about stone paper, I imagined writing on gritty, grainy, inferior paper. I though a pen would scratch it's way across the surface or skip in places while I dashed off a note.

I couldn't be further from the truth!

So what is this paper? Stone paper is made from stone, usually limestone. It's made from 80% stone & 20% from a non-toxic resin--HDPE plastic. The limestone is actually called Calcium Carbonate that is unused stone in the limestone quarries. It's ground down to a fine powder-like chalk & mixed with the resin. Together these materials create this magical, wonder paper!

It's as thin & flexible as a sheet of paper & writing on it is a breeze. Pens & pencils write evenly & smoothly. It's smudge proof so any kind of marker can easily be used.
 This is what I think is the best part......it's waterproof. Yes, waterproof paper. Sorry kids, you can't use the "I dropped my homework in a puddle" excuse for this paper.

If we still use checks in the future, I can see them being made out of this paper because it's also tear proof.

Stone paper has some other convenient properties too. It's free of chemicals & it's naturally anti-bacterial. Great for doctor's offices, schools & anywhere else lots of hand touch the same sheet of paper--especially during flu season.

Ok, it's tear proof, smudge resistant & waterproof.  Anything else? Yes!

As you may have guessed, no tress are harmed in the making of stone paper. In fact, less waste is generated in creating this paper than regular paper. Replace 1 ton of regular paper with 1 ton of stone paper & you will save:
  • 6 million BTU of energy
  • 20 trees
  • 167 lbs of solid waste
  • 236 lbs of atmospheric emissions
  • 7480 gallons of waste water
It's eco-friendly--completely bio degradable. But can it be recycled?  Absolutely--just like any other paper.

Can we afford it? Yes, the notebooks, jotters & bags are price int he same neighborhood as regular paper.
Desk Calendars & Blotters
Gift Bags & Shopping Totes
 So can you find anything you don't like about this?

Beat your competitors to the finish line & amaze your customers with this awesome paper next time you hand out promotional imprinted products.

Ronni Sherman

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tips For Selecting Promotional Custom Products

Promotional imprinted products are useful & unique things that most people could definitely use & would probably buy anyway. What makes them more unique than an item bought at Target or an office supply store is they are imprinted with a corporate logo. This raises public awareness about your company & is essential in building your brand.
The benefits of customized promotional items are obvious:
  • They constantly--& discreetly--remind your customer about your business.
  • They make your brand visible among a wider public.
  • They build employee morale.
  • They promote customer service.
  • They build the perception of quality for your company.
  • They can give you an advantage over the competition.
 These benefits generate repeat customers & keep your brand at the forefront of people's minds. If someone, let's say "Amanda" has & uses a sports bottle with "Mountain View Yoga" on it & she sees it everyday when she uses the bottle, there is a great chance she will call them when she's ready to investigate yoga classes. Or if she received the bottle when she signed up, she will feel appreciated by Mountain View & will probably stay with the yoga studio........building ties & loyalty to the customer.

 Regardless of age, socio-economic background or gender, people love receiving free gifts (as long as it's not junk). Promotional products magnify the image of your company & build goodwill.

But how do you choose the right product from the thousands & thousands of promotional items available?
Here are five tips to consider when deciding on a promotional custom product for your business.
  1. USEFUL: The more your promotional product is used, the more power your advertising message has.  This is not the time to settle on something "cheap" or irrelevant or to rummage through your storage closet for items you bought five years ago. The best way to ensure your brand's exposure is to choose something useful. A non-woven bag, a combination pen & stylus, a flash drive, a coffee mug or tumbler........these items have a good chance of making it into the recipient's daily routine because of their usefulness.  The more a person values the promotional item, the more they'll use it & the more you're logo will be seen.
  2. LASTING: Edible promotional items like candy or popcorn are fun, clever & enjoyed; but they don't last. As soon as it's consumed, you'll be forgotten. They work better as a compliment to another, more lasting promotional imprinted product. It's much better to choose something that the recipient won't eat & then throw away the package with your logo. It's better to select an item that will be around for awhile so your branding can go to work for you.
  3. VISIBLE: The goal is for your logo/brand to be seen so it's not a good idea to choose something that will be buried in a desk drawer or a shelf in the closet.  Choose something that will be used daily & find it's way to the recipients desk like a coffee mug, mouse pad or memo cube.  Or something that can be taken out & about & will be seen by the public........a non-woven shopping bag or a sports bottle.
  4. REFLECT YOUR BRAND: Select something that shows your company's personality & is relevant to your field.  If you work in the geriatric industry, a pedometer is not a wise choice for promotional items; but a deck of cards with your logo will be appreciated. On the other hand, a pedometer would be perfect for a gym or a family doctor to hand out.  In the financial field? A calculator or letter opener.  A manicurist........nail files; a trendy clothing boutique........lip balms with your logo on a bright neon label; a body shop........a USB phone charger for the car.
  5. QUALITY: It has to be an item of quality. Good quality doesn't mean the product has to cost a lot--it means something the recipient will want & use. Something of value to them. It also means that once you pick your item, you don't go with the cheapest knowing the quality is not up to par. You don't want to give out a pen that doesn't write or a bag that tears while being used. That will reflect your company & no one will say: "Wow, thanks for giving me this cheap piece of junk. I can't wait to do business with you."
It's so important to use customized promotional items in your marketing; but it's more important to distribute something that the public will remember you in favorable way.

Hope this helps you.
Ronni Sherman

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Turn Up The Heat This Summer With These Promotional Imprinted Products

Summer is less than a month away. Can you believe that! How many of you are making plans for vacations, camp for the kids, family reunions or signing up for Little League, soccer or swim teams? School is almost out & in most families plans are made for the three months ahead.

Let me ask you this......how many of you have given the same consideration to your summer marketing plans? Are you satisfied giving out the same pens, sticky notes or mouse pads?

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "variety is the spice of life". That goes for your business too. So spice up your advertising campaign with these summer promotional custom products.

1. BEACH BALLS: They're fun & used over & over. How many people can walk by a beach ball without kicking or tossing it? They have a large advertising space for your name to be seen at a distance. Your logo will bounce along the coast or in a backyard around the pool. Take them on family vacations, camping trips or a day at the beach. They take up little space before they're blown up so it's a perfect customized promotional item to give out a trade show.

2. SPORTS BOTTLES: These are great because wherever they go, so does your company name & they are taken everywhere. They're available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes & colors. These are not the water bottles of the past that used to be forgotten & discarded in the trunk of your car. This new plastic doesn't retain odors or taste, is shatter resistant & comes in bright translucent colors that will make your business stand out. Sport bottles now come in aluminum & stainless steel for something different. Look around you......at the store, in the mall, at the park or at the gym......people are carrying water bottles wherever they go. Let them take your logo along for the ride.

3. KOOZIES: These are fun promotional custom products that will keep beverages cold, prevent the can from sweating & keep your logo in the hands of your target audience. They are perfect for the beach, a Sunday outside get-together, family bar-b-ques, sporting events, conventions give-aways & fund raisers. They come in many sizes that will fit cans, bottles & even wine. There's also a large assortment of colors.  No more warm beverages in a sweaty can or bottle. Use them inside to prevent rings on a desk or table. And when an outside event is not so casual, you can get them in leather.

 4. SEED PACKETS: Promote effectively by giving out a gift that blooms & will keep on living. Customized promotional seed packs are hot, new marketing tools that provide an interactive experience & a lasting impression. They are available in a variety of types: organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, wildflowers, garden flowers & more. You can even get a money tree......how's that for an idea to promote your business! In some cases, they come with imprinted planters that can sit on a desk or windowsill. These packets will have such a positive impact on everyone who receives them.

5. FLYING DISCS: Frisbees have become a popular sport & can be seen in parks, at beaches--almost anywhere that people gather during the summer months. It's become a popular pastime on university campuses so hand them out this summer & your company may go to college in the fall. And don't forget your customers who are dog owners. Flying discs make a better game of Fetch than a ball. Let your logo fly through the air & be noticed on these bright colored discs.

6. GOLF ITEMS: Whether at a private club or a public course, your company name will be seen. Your options are endless......tees, balls, markers, divot tools, towels, gloves & yes, go for it--put your logo on an umbrella. Show you care about what is going on in your community & give them out at a golf tournament for charity. Your clients & prospective customers who are golfers will appreciate anything you give them that has to do with the sport. Your logo can be seen rolling around a golf course & you will be remembered.

7. T-SHIRTS: The weather is warmer & people are wearing lighter weight clothing & short sleeves. T-shirts are walking billboards & they are taking your company name to places where you haven't been. Just look around you & notice all the t-shirts. Most of them are imprinted & many of them advertising a business. These t-shirts are a sign of the times & should be inserted in a time capsule.  Some people collect them & to others they are a fashion statement. They boldly show a logo & what the company is all about. It's all prominently displayed. They are worn, they are read & they are noticed.

8. COOLERS: Customized promotional coolers run the gamut when it comes to size & uses. From the traditional square ones that hold a 2-pack or lunch to the large ones on wheels, these are indispensable. I can't begin to name all the ways they are used or all the places they are taken......camping, the beach or lake, boating, fishing, sporting events, movies in the park, schlepping frozen groceries home from the store, potluck dinners. Many day camps don't offer lunches & using coolers as lunch bags, you can pack more than a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

Offering custom promotional products during the summer months is effective because the days are longer, people are active & they are spending more time outdoors. No matter how big or small your business is or what industry you be in, summertime promotions are a fun & wise way to boost your brand.  Just make sure you had out quality items that people will use repeatedly.

You may take a vacation this summer, but your company name won't as long as it's on products that will be seen & used by the public.

I hope this will help give your business a new & sizzling boost. Good luck!
Ronni Sherman

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Customized Promotional Items For Safety

My heart goes out to the people in Oklahoma who lost their homes & everything they own & especially to those who lost their loved ones. I can't even imagine the grief.

Towns are flattened as if they never existed--homes reduced to a pile of rubbish, trees stripped of branches & bark, cars landing miles from where they were parked.  The wrath of Mother Nature in just a matter of minutes......it's unbelievable.

I think we are all reeling from the devastation the tornadoes left in their wake in Oklahoma. The residents of Moore & Newcastle are in our thoughts & prayers & have the sympathy of their fellow Americans. And I'm sure many of us are thinking "all but for the grace of God" for none of us are immune from this kind of destruction. Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires......we could all be victims at any given time.

While Oklahoma is still in our thoughts & the question "what if" may linger in our minds, this might be a good time to rethink what we are giving out for promotional imprinted products. No matter where you live or what your lifestyle is, everyone needs first aid kits & precautionary items like flashlights.

Customized promotional safety items may be the best products you can give out now, especially with summer approaching. These can include almost any target audience & your clients & prospective customers will be grateful that you were thinking of their well-being. I'm not talking about the large emergency kits a family could live on for a week--that's the individual's responsibility.

Here are some FIRST AID IDEAS that can fit compactly in a car, carry-on bag, desk drawer, a child's backpack, an overnight bag or a sport bag.

How is it whenever you need a bandaid there isn't one handy? This plastic case holds bandaids & is refillable. Perfect for the car, boat, purse, backpack or any kind of bag.

This hard cover first aid kit holds an assortment of bandaids, swabs, tape, cotton & scissors. There's also an inside compartment for pills.

 This canvass covered kit contains an assortment of bandages, gauze, cotton, scissors, tweezers, sewing kit & a bottle for pills.

FLASHLIGHTS are a definite must in any emergency situation & a person can never have enough. They should be tucked away in every room, on the boat & in the car.

This handy aluminum flashlight is only 3 1/2" long so it can fit anywhere. Yet it shines bright with 9 white LED lights.

 This flashlight has a dual setting. You can shine light from front to side with a push of a button.

A crank flashlight means you never have to worry about batteries. This 3" flashlight has three extra bright LED lights.

This flashlight can function as a flashlight, a strobe light or a lantern. It has a bright white LED light & a convenient hook for easy hanging.

We all need to take precautions whether it's only a scraped knee or a real emergency. These custom promotional products are a good way to reach out to your customers & show you care.

Be safe.
Ronni Sherman