Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Send Your Promotional Custom Products On A Trip

Do you want brand recognition beyond your community? To have your logo seen around the country without breaking the bank? How would you like to advertise your business nationwide--even worldwide--inexpensively......sometimes for under a dollar?

It can't be done, you say? Well, it can--simply by putting your logo on a promotional imprinted product that will be used while traveling. It doesn't matter if it's by plane, car, train or company name will be seen. Think of the exposure just one luggage tag or backpack can get.  Your logo will be going places where you won't be going.

Summer is here & it's one of the heaviest travel seasons. July & August are the busiest months. People are traveling more now than they did just a couple of years ago so take advantage of this time & hand out customized promotional items that the public will use while on vacation or a business trip. That students will use as they go to & from school. Wherever they go, they are taking your business right along with them!

Since almost everyone will be going someplace over the summer, whether a long week-end or several weeks, there's a broad spectrum of people who will welcome & use these products. You don't have to be in the travel industry to hand these out.

Here are some ideas for promotional custom products that are good for the traveler:

LUGGAGE TAGS: Yes, it's the obvious but you don't have to give out an ordinary plastic rectangular tag. They're now available in all shapes, including the shape of your logo & in bright colors that will make your company name pop. They come equipped with LED lights that are motion-sensored & light up when coming down the baggage carousel.  Some tags are 3-D & have brilliantly colored changing images--they become animated. How fun is that! Or the tag that says "Take This Bag. It's Dirty Laundry" is perfect for the college student.

TOTE BAGS, DUFFEL BAGS & BACKPACKS:  Everyone is schlepping a bag on the plane now. If they're going by car, bags of all kinds are being used to stuff extra items & then crammed into the trunk or back seat. There's not too much I can add that you don't already know. The large area will advertise your company spectacularly. Shapes, colors, sizes, price ranges......there's no end to the options you have.  Think of the places they'll go & the people who will see them.

SLEEP MASKS: While your clients snooze at 50,000 feet, this item will advertise your business to everyone who strolls down the aisle. The imprint space is large enough to vividly show of your logo & company & name.

UMBRELLAS: Your customer may be traveling, but the sun may be on vacation too. These are necessary to any traveler who is not going to a tropical island. Because customized promotional umbrellas are compact & collapsible, they are easy to pack & take up no room. Your company name can imprinted on one panel or all panels. Another plus about these are they are not stowed away with the luggage upon return, since in most regions they can be used year around. Your logo can shine on the gloomiest of days.

GARMENT BAGS: The suitcases have gotten smaller & the check-in bag fees bigger. No one wants to pay extra to check a bag through, but some garments can't be packed in a carry-on. One logical solution is a garment bag that the flight attendant can hang for you & you retrieve it as you exit the plane. Your suit, cocktail dress, band uniform will be in perfect condition & will never need packing or unpacking. That's a time saver.  These come in all materials & price ranges. My favorite is a non-woven bag because it's light weight & shows off your logo.

BEACH TOWELS: These are huge colorful billboards for your business.  There's no limit to what you can put on towels & enhance your company's image. Not everyone who is going to a beach area will be staying in a hotel that supplies towels. And let's not forget about campers. Camping on the beach, lakeside or fiver front is very popular & then the towels will be in great demand. These can be used all summer, whether home or away.

COOLERS: Speaking of camping, everyone will need a cooler--whether it's a small one that holds 24 cans of soda or a large one on wheels. Again, there's ample room to display your logo & advertising message. These are useful & can be used over & over, even when not on vacation......a day at the beach, on the boat, at a local soccer or little league game, a family picnic or while attending a concert or movie in the park. No matter where they are used, your logo will be seen by a lot of people.

COLORING BOOKS: On a plane, waiting at the airport, riding in the car or being stuck in a cabin on a rainy day--kids need to be entertained. Full sized coloring books with a full color cover & area for your logo & company name is ideal for any customer with children or grandchildren. There are activity books, coloring books & sticker books for all ages & covering many subjects: safety (bike & car), recycling, going to the doctor, dentist or hospital, bullying, staying away from strangers, how to call 911 for a policeman or fireman.......& the list goes on.  They are entertaining & educational.

These are just a few ideas where you can display your company name while traveling. When they go on a trip, let your business go along for the ride.

Ronni Sherman

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