Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tips For Selecting Promotional Custom Products

Promotional imprinted products are useful & unique things that most people could definitely use & would probably buy anyway. What makes them more unique than an item bought at Target or an office supply store is they are imprinted with a corporate logo. This raises public awareness about your company & is essential in building your brand.
The benefits of customized promotional items are obvious:
  • They constantly--& discreetly--remind your customer about your business.
  • They make your brand visible among a wider public.
  • They build employee morale.
  • They promote customer service.
  • They build the perception of quality for your company.
  • They can give you an advantage over the competition.
 These benefits generate repeat customers & keep your brand at the forefront of people's minds. If someone, let's say "Amanda" has & uses a sports bottle with "Mountain View Yoga" on it & she sees it everyday when she uses the bottle, there is a great chance she will call them when she's ready to investigate yoga classes. Or if she received the bottle when she signed up, she will feel appreciated by Mountain View & will probably stay with the yoga studio........building ties & loyalty to the customer.

 Regardless of age, socio-economic background or gender, people love receiving free gifts (as long as it's not junk). Promotional products magnify the image of your company & build goodwill.

But how do you choose the right product from the thousands & thousands of promotional items available?
Here are five tips to consider when deciding on a promotional custom product for your business.
  1. USEFUL: The more your promotional product is used, the more power your advertising message has.  This is not the time to settle on something "cheap" or irrelevant or to rummage through your storage closet for items you bought five years ago. The best way to ensure your brand's exposure is to choose something useful. A non-woven bag, a combination pen & stylus, a flash drive, a coffee mug or tumbler........these items have a good chance of making it into the recipient's daily routine because of their usefulness.  The more a person values the promotional item, the more they'll use it & the more you're logo will be seen.
  2. LASTING: Edible promotional items like candy or popcorn are fun, clever & enjoyed; but they don't last. As soon as it's consumed, you'll be forgotten. They work better as a compliment to another, more lasting promotional imprinted product. It's much better to choose something that the recipient won't eat & then throw away the package with your logo. It's better to select an item that will be around for awhile so your branding can go to work for you.
  3. VISIBLE: The goal is for your logo/brand to be seen so it's not a good idea to choose something that will be buried in a desk drawer or a shelf in the closet.  Choose something that will be used daily & find it's way to the recipients desk like a coffee mug, mouse pad or memo cube.  Or something that can be taken out & about & will be seen by the public........a non-woven shopping bag or a sports bottle.
  4. REFLECT YOUR BRAND: Select something that shows your company's personality & is relevant to your field.  If you work in the geriatric industry, a pedometer is not a wise choice for promotional items; but a deck of cards with your logo will be appreciated. On the other hand, a pedometer would be perfect for a gym or a family doctor to hand out.  In the financial field? A calculator or letter opener.  A manicurist........nail files; a trendy clothing boutique........lip balms with your logo on a bright neon label; a body shop........a USB phone charger for the car.
  5. QUALITY: It has to be an item of quality. Good quality doesn't mean the product has to cost a lot--it means something the recipient will want & use. Something of value to them. It also means that once you pick your item, you don't go with the cheapest knowing the quality is not up to par. You don't want to give out a pen that doesn't write or a bag that tears while being used. That will reflect your company & no one will say: "Wow, thanks for giving me this cheap piece of junk. I can't wait to do business with you."
It's so important to use customized promotional items in your marketing; but it's more important to distribute something that the public will remember you in favorable way.

Hope this helps you.
Ronni Sherman

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