Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stone Paper--Amazing & Eco-Friendly Promotional Custom Product

I have a new favorite customized promotional item & it will be a long time before I find anything to top this......stone paper. In fact there are tons of pluses & not one thing negative about it. How many times can you that about something?

When I first heard about stone paper, I imagined writing on gritty, grainy, inferior paper. I though a pen would scratch it's way across the surface or skip in places while I dashed off a note.

I couldn't be further from the truth!

So what is this paper? Stone paper is made from stone, usually limestone. It's made from 80% stone & 20% from a non-toxic resin--HDPE plastic. The limestone is actually called Calcium Carbonate that is unused stone in the limestone quarries. It's ground down to a fine powder-like chalk & mixed with the resin. Together these materials create this magical, wonder paper!

It's as thin & flexible as a sheet of paper & writing on it is a breeze. Pens & pencils write evenly & smoothly. It's smudge proof so any kind of marker can easily be used.
 This is what I think is the best part......it's waterproof. Yes, waterproof paper. Sorry kids, you can't use the "I dropped my homework in a puddle" excuse for this paper.

If we still use checks in the future, I can see them being made out of this paper because it's also tear proof.

Stone paper has some other convenient properties too. It's free of chemicals & it's naturally anti-bacterial. Great for doctor's offices, schools & anywhere else lots of hand touch the same sheet of paper--especially during flu season.

Ok, it's tear proof, smudge resistant & waterproof.  Anything else? Yes!

As you may have guessed, no tress are harmed in the making of stone paper. In fact, less waste is generated in creating this paper than regular paper. Replace 1 ton of regular paper with 1 ton of stone paper & you will save:
  • 6 million BTU of energy
  • 20 trees
  • 167 lbs of solid waste
  • 236 lbs of atmospheric emissions
  • 7480 gallons of waste water
It's eco-friendly--completely bio degradable. But can it be recycled?  Absolutely--just like any other paper.

Can we afford it? Yes, the notebooks, jotters & bags are price int he same neighborhood as regular paper.
Desk Calendars & Blotters
Gift Bags & Shopping Totes
 So can you find anything you don't like about this?

Beat your competitors to the finish line & amaze your customers with this awesome paper next time you hand out promotional imprinted products.

Ronni Sherman

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  1. This sounds fantastic. Sounds too good to be true. Is it available now? I want to start using it.

    It would be great to use for projects at our summer camps this summer.