Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Customized Promotional Items For Safety

My heart goes out to the people in Oklahoma who lost their homes & everything they own & especially to those who lost their loved ones. I can't even imagine the grief.

Towns are flattened as if they never existed--homes reduced to a pile of rubbish, trees stripped of branches & bark, cars landing miles from where they were parked.  The wrath of Mother Nature in just a matter of minutes......it's unbelievable.

I think we are all reeling from the devastation the tornadoes left in their wake in Oklahoma. The residents of Moore & Newcastle are in our thoughts & prayers & have the sympathy of their fellow Americans. And I'm sure many of us are thinking "all but for the grace of God" for none of us are immune from this kind of destruction. Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires......we could all be victims at any given time.

While Oklahoma is still in our thoughts & the question "what if" may linger in our minds, this might be a good time to rethink what we are giving out for promotional imprinted products. No matter where you live or what your lifestyle is, everyone needs first aid kits & precautionary items like flashlights.

Customized promotional safety items may be the best products you can give out now, especially with summer approaching. These can include almost any target audience & your clients & prospective customers will be grateful that you were thinking of their well-being. I'm not talking about the large emergency kits a family could live on for a week--that's the individual's responsibility.

Here are some FIRST AID IDEAS that can fit compactly in a car, carry-on bag, desk drawer, a child's backpack, an overnight bag or a sport bag.

How is it whenever you need a bandaid there isn't one handy? This plastic case holds bandaids & is refillable. Perfect for the car, boat, purse, backpack or any kind of bag.

This hard cover first aid kit holds an assortment of bandaids, swabs, tape, cotton & scissors. There's also an inside compartment for pills.

 This canvass covered kit contains an assortment of bandages, gauze, cotton, scissors, tweezers, sewing kit & a bottle for pills.

FLASHLIGHTS are a definite must in any emergency situation & a person can never have enough. They should be tucked away in every room, on the boat & in the car.

This handy aluminum flashlight is only 3 1/2" long so it can fit anywhere. Yet it shines bright with 9 white LED lights.

 This flashlight has a dual setting. You can shine light from front to side with a push of a button.

A crank flashlight means you never have to worry about batteries. This 3" flashlight has three extra bright LED lights.

This flashlight can function as a flashlight, a strobe light or a lantern. It has a bright white LED light & a convenient hook for easy hanging.

We all need to take precautions whether it's only a scraped knee or a real emergency. These custom promotional products are a good way to reach out to your customers & show you care.

Be safe.
Ronni Sherman

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