Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Have A Ball With Your Logo

Want an economical, yet a different promotional imprinted product to hand out? One that will appeal to almost everybody & you'll see their excitement when they receive it? Something that takes up less room to store than pens & yet has an imprint space large enough to show off your logo, company name & any other info you want to display?  They're fun, colorful & can even match a theme for your business or event.  Do you know what it is?

Beach balls! Yes, inflatable beach balls.

They're fun & used over & over. How many people can walk by a beach ball without kicking or tossing it?

Have you ever been to a concert or political fund raiser where beach balls are bounced around in the audience, going from person to person, keeping everyone engaged? Spirits rise as the ball soars through the air.

They have a large advertising space for your name to be seen at a distance. Take them on family vacations, camping trips or a day at the beach. They take up little space before they're blown up so it's a perfect promotional custom product to give out at a trade show.

And speaking of trade shows, here's a great way to display them in your booth to attract attention. Get two table fans & place them at each end of the booth entrance with the fan facing up toward the ceiling.  Turn them on & place a beach ball over each one & they will continually bounce in the air.

Besides the usual beach balls with primary color panels, you can get them in any color combination, metallics, translucents, solids or prints.  Your options are endless.

Customized promotional beach balls make a great window display that could work for a summer or sports themed window. In the winter different colored solid or translucent beach balls make a beautiful holiday window display of ornaments & if the lighting is right, the colors will really pop.

I have a customer who opened a couple of gyms in the area & wanted a fun & unique way to get people to know about them. They bought customized promotional beach balls in their company colors & had employees stand on the cliffs or piers overlooking the beach. They then threw them down at the sunbathers & watched as everyone, from toddler to adult, scrambled to get one.

They're good to hand out company picnics or fund raisers. A children's gymnastics facility gives them to families who sign up for summer camp or birthday parties. I've seen beach balls used as volley balls in a sand or pool volley ball game.

Since they are flat & light weight, they're easy to send through the mail as an invitation or an advertisement announcing a special or grand opening.

Beach balls are undoubtedly one of the most fun & versatile of promotional custom products. Oh & did I mention that they are very economical.

Have a ball with your logo & watch it bounce along the coastline, around backyard pools, at the lake or at a campsite. 
Ronni Sherman

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