Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mouse Pads As Promotional Imprinted Products

To run a successful business today, it is immensely important to have brand recognition. If a potential customer recognizes your business name when needing your product or service, they are more likely to choose your company. In order to achieve company identity, you simply have to get your name out there! Inexpensive, but successful & effective ways to do this are word of mouth marketing & handing out customized promotional items to your customers & prospects.

Again the age old questions: What promotional imprinted product is good for me? How can I put everything I want known about my business on one item? I've always rated pens as an ideal marketing tool because they're economical, everybody uses them & they travel. But they have very limited space for your advertising message--room for only your logo & company name. Maybe a website or email address can be added.

So you want room to really sell your business--to expand on what you do, what you stand for & perhaps highlight a special event or sale......mouse pads. They're mini billboards. They have the space to advertise all there is to know about your company & you can do it in a fun, colorful & creative way. Promotional mouse pads make an impact!

Nearly everyone uses a computer daily, at work or at home. If you give your existing clients & potential customers logo mouse pads, your brand recognition will soar. Your customers will see your information all the time & so will the people around them. They are not only seen by the user, but by people who pass the desk showing off this colorful promotional custom product. This is a very effective strategy in company identity.

Whether you order mouse pads in the traditional soft or hard covers, they've come a long way from the conventional look you're used to seeing.  They're available in die-cut shapes that represents your business, special interests or the shape of your logo. 

Worried about our planet......they can be made from recycled materials. Want to make an impact & add comfort for the recipient......get a mouse pad with a memory foam wrist rest. This, for sure, will make yours be used & stand out from all others.

A novel & fun way to enhance your logo day after day is on a four piece puzzle mouse pad. It can be used as a mouse pad or separate into four individual pieces & they become coasters.  No more annoying wet circles left by coffee mugs or water bottles on desktops.

All of these come in full color to show off your business at it's best.  So think how you want to show it off before you order.  Take advantage & add more than just your company name, logo & website. Have fun with it & create a wow effect. You'll be happy you did & so will your customer.

Photographs of your business establishment or products are another way to advertise on mouse pads. Customize them with pictures of your staff so people can relate to the voice over the phone.  Whatever you do, make use of colors & design to enhance your logo & advertising message & give your company pizzazz!

Branded mouse pads advertise your company to customers on a daily basis. Your name & logo are in front of them all the time. If your customer sees your logo frequently, they will certainly create more business for you. Mouse pads are a fun way for the public to learn about your business & remember you the next time they need something in your field.

Go for it. Get creative with your business & soar above the competition.
Ronni Sherman

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  1. We love our "fun" and "colorful" mouse pads and so do our customers.

    Thank you for including a picture of it in your article!

    Autobahn Collision Center
    North Hollywood, CA