Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A New Twist To Standard Promotional Imprinted Products

There are certain customized promotional items that will be given out more than others, mainly because they have proven, over time, how well they work. These are products that people use almost on a daily basis & can't get along without them. You may spend most your time in front of a computer, but can you think of a day when you didn't use a pen or a note pad?

Go to a local grocery store & you see dozens of the non-woven shopping bags with someone's logo on them. You don't have to go further than your desk drawer to find pens with imprinted company names.

The big question is........if you know how effective these promotional imprinted products are & you felt good distributing them, how can you be different from all your competitors & still hand out a product that's useful & needed by your target audience? After all, you didn't invent the reusable shopping bag or the ball point pen.

Here are a few ideas to stand out from your competitors & at the same time be noticed by the public. You can take the fundamental promotional custom product & turn it into a fun & unique item.
1. Giant pen: Believe it or not, this 8" pen writes as smoothly as a normal size pen & is just as easy to handle; yet you will definitely stand out from others with this large & unusual ballpoint. I have customers who have been successful with these & have been reordering them for years.

2. Gloss laminated non-woven bags: This bag is the non-woven shopper you see all over but it has a gloss laminated finish. Lamination provides extra strength, wipes clean easily & is tear resistant. The high gloss finish gives it a fashion forward image. Your company will make an impact with this bag.

3. Square insulated travel mug: Insulated travel mugs are seen all over........round ones. It's a popular & useful item--& a common one. People can't get enough of them. Look at this square metal lined tumbler for a change of pace. The shape is sure to draw attention to your logo.

4. Six-sided sports bottle: Another item that everyone carries wherever they go. Try this 6-sided Triton bottle in bright jewel colors & you will really show off your logo.  They're also available in a triangular shape--clear with bright colored tops. No doubt, these are fun to have.

5. Sticky notes with beveled edges: Sticky notes are another common household or office item & most people have more than one pad. Have yours jump out from the crowd with a beveled, 3-dimensional edge. It will give this ordinary, everyday item real pizzazz.

6. Mouse pad: Make sure the mouse pad with your company name & logo on it is the one that your customers are using.  Add a memory foam wrist pad for an extra touch of comfort. These have a large imprint space so get colorful & creative & your name will be seen all day, everyday.

The next time you buy your customized promotional items, think how you can be a little different than the you can stand out from everyone & not blend in.  Good luck!

Ronni Sherman

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  1. We love ordering the large pens & our customers love getting them!