Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Consumer's View Of Promotional Imprinted Products

The other day I was searching articles on the internet that would give a different slant to the importance of distributing promotional custom products in your business. I was reading various articles about specific promotional items hoping someone would divulge how a certain product worked for them in a unique way.

Then I found this post written by Dave Krygler--writer, publisher & a coach for people looking to start a small business. His article, Value Of Advertising Specialties, written on his blog states very simply why customized promotional items are so effective.

What makes his article so meaningful is he's not in the business of selling  promotional imprinted products He's a businessman who has received them & appreciates their value.

Here is the article from a recipient of promotional items:
It is my hope to open your eyes to the world of ad specialties & specifically coffee mugs. In my opinion, mugs are the best ad specialty to utilize because they sit on your client's or prospect's desk all day long. Whether you operate an on-line venture or traditional off-line store, it makes no difference. 
This is a really simple concept: use the mug or whatever ad specialty that you have to increase value, show appreciation & keep you in front of that prospect or client.
I'm a sucker for high quality ad specialties. Notice I said high quality. These are the ones that last for years. Some of my favorite jackets, hats & mugs were ones purchased while our family was on holiday.  Some were given to me as samples & some were ones that we were utilizing in our marketing.
Now the funny thing is that we are not in the ad specialty business so what I am sharing with you is unbiased, & in other words, we don't market & sell ad specialties. I have used them for years, & they have really helped us in three separate businesses.
With that said, I want to share three specific examples of how ad specialties have made an impact on me.
Example #1: Win--Recently, on a trip to the east coast I was talking with a sales executive who is a real fan of Honda. Now he doesn't work for Honda but is sold on the brand. The one thing that caught my attention was how passionate he was about all the Honda products he has purchased. Both he & his wife own Acura's. A few weeks after she purchased the vehicle, a package showed up from the manufacturer. In it was an emergency kit that conveniently fit in the back of the vehicle. Now this is way more than an ad specialty. It is showing that the factory cares about the safety of this customer should they ever be in need of the items that could possibly save a life or help the vehicle owner during a time of distress. What a great example of customer retention.
Example #2: Factory Failure--My personal experience is with Nissan. A few years ago, my wife & I purchased two new Nissan vehicles through our local dealer. After each sale was done we didn't receive boo; not even a $10 mug or baseball cap. To be very honest, I would have been very happy with a mug or two from Nissan. After all, we purchased over $55,000 worth of vehicles from them.  Nooooo, I had to purchase the mug. What kind of impression did this leave with me? You get the picture?
Example #3: Test Of Time--Sitting in our kitchen we have a mug that's 10 years old dating back to our retail & service business. I also have several mugs that are in the five-plus year-old range that get used all the time & look great. They are a constant reminder to me of the businesses that they are tied to. I also like the baseball hats & have a collection of those to go along with the mugs. The best quality mugs we have get used all the time.
Ok, so maybe you're still skeptical. You want to retain clients & turn your prospects into clients, right? This simple program is really about client retention & business expansion. If your mugs are of the highest quality & will last daily rounds in the sink & dishwasher, this will prove to your client & prospective that you believe in quality. So many small business owners penny-pinch & don't look at the long term. It's about relationships, folks. The silly little mug can be what bridges the relationship. You gave them something of value, high quality.
For clients: If you really feel like you connected with the client, then give them a mug with a gift card for their favorite coffee or tea. The mug will constantly remind them of the great experience they had with you.
For prospects: You give them something of value & high quality without asking for anything in return. This works especially well if you are in a business that has a long sales cycle or offers high ticket items. Another tip is if the spouse was involved in the sales process, then send them a mug too. Remember, it's all about relationships.
Dave said it all. Please let me know some of your experiences, good or bad, with promotional imprinted products that you either received as a consumer or distributed in your business.

Ronni Sherman

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  1. Lexus seems to be on the same page as Nissan. My next car may be a Honda.

    Mr Kreigler made some very valid points about advertising specialties, but he seems to think high-quality goes with price. A branded mug that costs $2.00 can be a favorite if it's done tastefully.

    When it comes to advertising specialties, quality should be equated with utility & versatality.