Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Promotional Custom Products On TV

Customized promotional items work! Wherever there's a pen, note pad, water bottle or shopping bag with a company's name & logo on it, they'll be noticed......consciously or subconsciously, the business name will be seen & will register with someone. And the more it's seen, the more it will be recognized.

The idea is skyrocketing in movies & television shows. More now than ever before--which proves promotional custom products are very effective. Brands used to be hidden from the audience, but not anymore. Coke & Pepsi are blatantly shown on soda cans as well as a popular sport team's logo on a baseball cap worn by one of the actors. When a star is driving a certain car in a movie or on TV, at one point the cameras will focus on the make of the auto. Big companies are paying mega dollars for their brand & logo to flash before an audience.

Talk show hosts on late night TV or the hosts of the early morning news shows all have promotional coffee mugs with the logo of the network or the name of their show facing the camera so the audience will see it. You might even see this on your local news broadcasts.

How many times have you seen someone using a laptop on TV with the Apple logo clearly showing? That's not an accident or's product placement & a way for Apple to be seen & to boost their already brilliant image with the public.

Do you remember the sticom, Rosanne, starring Rosanne Barr? Food was as important as air in the episodes. Whenever they unpacked a grocery bag or took something out of the refrigerator or pantry, it definitely was from Ralph's grocery stores. Whether it was orange juice, potato chips or a box of cereal, the black stripe with the bold red letters spelling RALPH'S was turned towards the camera. This was not as common then as it is now.

In an episode of Law & Order, detectives Elliot Stabler & Olivia Benson were drinking from Starbucks coffee cups while walking to a crime scene. In another episode a victim was wearing a sweatshirt with the New York Yankees logo & that was predominant throughout the scene. This was subtle, yet very effective advertising for the team or else the actor would be wearing another sweatshirt.

On American Idol, the judges drink from red cups flashing the Coke logo for all to see.

The four fashionistas on Sex & The City, both the movie & the TV show, walk through the streets of Manhattan swinging shopping bags showing the logos of the boutiques where they shop.

In the future, brands & logos will be subtly placed in more programs than ever before whether it's displayed on a promotional imprinted product or it's product placement. This is the new trend in advertising. People no longer sit through an advertisement......this the time to get up & do a quick task or get something to eat......or don't get up--just reach for your laptop & search the internet for the 7 - 10 minutes the ads are running. Technology has made it possible for most of us to bypass the advertisements altogether.  No wonder big time television producers & Madison Avenue have united & formed a new way to get their message across to the public.

"The fact is brands are part of our lives & brands exist in these television environments, so why not showcase them?" said Ben Silverman, chief executive of Reveille, whose shows include NBC's The Office & Biggest Loser and USA's Nashville Star.  Logos of national companies can be seen in all three of these shows.

Some people will pick up on this form of advertising while others may think they don't even see it. You may not realize it buy your psyche is affected by these subtle images. This is the best form of brand adverting & the best use of advertising specialties.

Ok, let's be honest--your company's logo most likely won't make it to primetime TV, but you can get results by distributing promotional custom products advertising your business. Brand & logo recognition on a product does more to boost business & sales than any other form of advertising. If it wasn't so effective, the big companies wouldn't fight for spots on the TV shows you watch regularly.

Next time you're watching TV see what brand made it's way into your favorite show.
Try distributing your own logo & see what it does for you.  Good luck!

Ronni Sherman


  1. Very interesting. I'm going to start watching for things like this when I watch TV or go to a movie.