Monday, January 9, 2012

Pens Can Be Ideal Promotional Imprinted Products

So promotional pens may not be right up there on your list of exciting things to hand out, but they are no longer the ordinary old stand-by that they used to be. There aren't many low-cost promotional custom products that make a a claim to be the original form of viral marketing or include space-age products in their caps or barrels.

When it comes to getting your name out there you need to get maxiumum awareness bang for your marketing buck. There's a reason why promotional pens are so popular......they:
  1. Make ideal low-cost promotional gifts for any budget.
  2. Are versatile--for everything from promotional giveaways to corporate gifts.
  3. Get used--even in this digital world everyone still needs & uses pens.
  4. Get seen--on desks & countertops, in pockets & purses, attached to clipboards.
  5. Come in all shapes & sizes--you're no longer limited to the plain click pen.
  6. Are the original 'viral marketing'--people lend pens all the time.
Here are a couple of misconceptions about the pen:

Promotional pens are the original 'viral marketing'? But isn't viral marketing a contemporary new media concept that applies to digital marketing.
Not at all......when something 'goes viral' it simply means that consumers are out there sharing & passing it on. Ever been given a custom-branded pen by someone not from that business? Or perhaps passed a promotional pen on that wasn't from your own company? Happens all the time & has been happening long before the internet came along.  A pen goes from hand-to-hand almost like a dollar bill does & the logo on that pen stays visible longer than an advertisement on TV.  You see.......there's more to them than you might have expected.

Promotional pens are cheap & tacky throw-aways & one pen is like any other pen?
That was years ago. Today, with modern manufacturing & printing methods, quality & looks have dramatically increased. There's a staggering range of quality & novel looking promotional pens available for even the tightest of budgets.  Your choices can range from bright colored economical plastic pens that have a unique design on the grip to traditional, high-end engraved metal pens. Parker pens are famous around the world as prestigious executive gifts that are a classic status symbol still very much recognized today.

There's a whole range of multi-functional pens that pack all sorts of extra functionality into the unassuming form of the humble pen. As I mentioned earlier, there's the pen with the flash drive in the barrel.  You can also get pens with miniature flashlights, tape measures, paper flags to mark your page or have your 3-dimensional logo float in the barrel. Pretty soon they'll come equipped with GPS (kidding). But the message here is a pen is no longer just a pen.

Custom printed pens really are effective promotional imprinted products that do more than most people realize to promote a brand & message. They are still one of the best ways of getting your business name out among the public & your logo recognized.

Everyone uses pens everyday......even the people that spend most their time on the internet communicating via Facebook & Twitter write with a pen daily. And a majority of those pens are imprinted with someone's company & logo. Jump on the bandwagon & make sure your pen is out there getting noticed.

Ronni Sherman


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