Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year...New Resolutions...New Promotional Products

It's hard to believe that the holiday season has come & gone already. All the expectations & preparations, the celebrations, the hustle & bustle, the hours spent on gift wrapping are all but memories now. Neighborhoods seem a little darker now that the lights have been taken down & the stores seem to have lost their brilliance once the brightly colored displays have been dismantled.

But it's not all gloomy......there's also hope & optimism for the new year. People hold on to the thought that this year can be better than the year before. Businesses begin wondering how they can best advertise their products & services & have a better year than the previous one.

Retailers reported that sales were up & 2011 ended bringing a feeling of optimism  to 2012. It seems people are tired of being overly-frugal & are willing to spend more now than they have in the last four years. This is good & while they're in the mood to spend, this is the time to remind them of your services or products. Jump on the bandwagon while the economy is in an upward swing of hope & there's a hint of light at the end of the tunnel.

Promotional imprinted products are one way to reinforce your brand among the public & to advertise your business. Make it your resolution to purchase & distribute the marketing tools that represents your company. Distribute them among your clients & prospective customers & let them boost your company recognition & sales.

This is a good time of year to buy customized promotional items that remind people of their own new year's resolutions & help them stick to their guns, at least for a little while. Here are some good options that will help all of us make 2012 a better year.

If the new year came in the middle of the summer, it might be easier for people to stay true to  their weight loss & exercise resolutions. Unfortunately the colder weather & shorter days make this more difficult. Whether you put your logo on stainless steel, aluminum or the vivid Tritan acrylic bottles this is a great reminder of the resolution......& your company.

This is a fun way to keep your name in front of your customers. These colorful acrylic banks come in all shapes for almost any field........piggy banks with cute expressions, houses, automobiles & teddy bears. There's even a digital coin bank that electronically counts coins as they drop through the slot & digitally displays the total. It's a good way to kick off a special promotion your company many be having during the year.

Most people like the idea of going green & preserving the environment, but few actually do so. Providing customers with non-woven, reusable shopping bags is a good way to remind them it doesn't take much to be ecological. This is an ideal promotional custom product because it offers a large imprint area for your logo & company information. And when your customer uses the bag when they shop, they're taking your business name & logo right along with them. What great exposure you can get from these!

These are just a few ideas. The main thing to remember is that whatever you give out is relevant to your company & useful to your customer. Another wise thing to remember is to hand them out & not save them for a special client or one will be reminded of your company if they're sitting in a storage closet.

So if one of your resolutions is to market & grow your company, customized promotional items are an effective way to do this. They stay in front of your customers & the public longer than any other kind of advertising & there's something for every budget.

I hope this helps you start the new year off right! Good luck in your advertising campaigns this year.
Ronni Sherman


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