Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Choosing The Right Promotional Imprinted Product

Most businesses spend a large percentage of their revenues on advertising. This is costly whether the advertising is in print, television or another medium. Even marketing on the internet is an expensive venture considering the cost of marketers & SEO companies.
Many companies, especially smaller ones, don't have the funds to promote their business this way. Due to their low budget for advertising, they find themselves at the bottom of their profession with little hope of making it to the top. This creates a vicious circle: if they don't advertise, they won't be known among the public & therefore, can't generate enough profit needed for marketing.
There are, however, ways of publicizing & marketing a company with a small budget for advertising. One is taking advantage of promotional imprinted products. They can bring you excellent results if you select the correct item for your targeted clientele & one that still gives good representation to your company.

How should you go about choosing the ideal advertising specialties
& using them so they effectively work to promote your company?

1. What promotional items will fit your company or your company's image?
It is always safe to give out pens or notepads but if you want to make a bigger impact choose something that will compliment your business & is not what everyone else is giving out. For example, if you are a dentist then dental floss would be a smart choice or USB flash drives for a company dealing with computers. Luggage tags that light up when going around the baggage carousel are perfect for a travel agent. Jar openers are economical & useful & good for chiropractors, assisted living facilities & insurance companies to give out.

2. Who are you trying to target with your promotional items?
If you are going after your loyal customers or prospective clients, make sure you give out something that represents who you are. But there are times when, rather than have the product fit your business, it's more practical to have it fit the event where it's being distributed. Examples of this are golf balls or a divot tool at a golf tournament, recyclable bags at a grand opening, coloring books on safety at a children's fundraiser, biodegradable water bottles at a bike race or team games & book marks at a book fair.

3. What information do you want on your promotional product?
If these are going out to your customers then an item with a small imprint area--large enough for your name & website--will be sufficient. It's something to remind them of you & to keep your business name in front of them when they aren't using your services or product. If you want to show what your company does or advertise an event for your business, then you''ll need an item with more space for your message. Lastly, if it's a gift showing your appreciation for a client's loyalty then you might want your logo to be discreetly debossed rather than visibly silk-screened.

4. Would you like to get this promotional item?
If it's not something that appeals to you personally, how can you expect it to appeal to others? People respond best to promotional give-aways that have a value to them. Not necessarily a money value, but something that is useful to them--not something that will end up hidden & forgotten in a desk drawer or worse yet, get thrown out.

So next time you have to work out a budget for advertising & promoting your company name, there's no need to cringe at the expected cost. Promotional custom products are available in every price range to fit any budget. Rather than concentrating on the cost, think what item would work best for you......what could bring you recognition & effectively circulate your name among the public.

Let your name stand out in front of your customers at all times.
Ronni Sherman

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