Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Water Bottles As Versatile Promotional Custom Products

Water bottles are the perfect customized promotional item for any business in any industry since they are so adaptable. They travel......wherever someone carries them, they are carrying your logo & message. And people take them everywhere......they gym, the store, the park, the beach, sporting events or in the car while doing errands. Look around you & no matter where you are, you'll see someone with a water bottle.

Ok, I know what you're thinking......the ones that were made of soft white plastic & were stashed away in a forgotten place or rolled around on the floor of a car.  Not so--that water bottle is as out of date as a console TV.  They've come a long way in the last few years.

They're now available in various sizes, shapes, colors & materials. They're generally brilliant colored transparent hard plastic bottles that will make your logo & advertising message pop. Bio-degradable bottles as well as aluminum & stainless steel bottles are also very popular. The best thing about all of these......they no longer retain tastes or odors like the old-fashioned white plastic ones did. And they're BPA free & eco-friendly.

Colors for these bottles are vibrant & they can go along with your brand color & logo. There's a large imprint area that allows space for your logo, company name & message.

Do these look like the old-fashioned bottles?

stainless steel water bottle

clear triangular shaped water bottle

6-sided bright colored Triton water bottle

Due to the various sizes & materials used, water bottles are one of the most versatile of all advertising specialties. For instance, a sporting goods store that's celebrating a grand opening may give out large stainless steel bottles that carries sufficient water to keep someone hydrated during a heavy work-out. While a pediatrician or toy manufacturer will probably hand out smaller brightly colored plastic bottles that would attract children. A company sponsoring a local soccer team may forego their colors on a water bottle & give the players & their families bottles in the team colors--one side showing the team name & the other, the sponsor's information.

Most companies either focus on other promotional events or run their own where they can give away water bottles as useful promotional imprinted products that will make their logos visible. These events can include anything & everything: grand openings, golf tournaments, team sponsorships, marathons, office functions & charity & political fund-raisers. They also make great thank you & customer appreciation gifts. One of my customers who's a car dealership leaves one in the car cup holder every time a car is brought in for servicing.

Look at this unique spin on the traditional water bottle. These are collapsible. They inflate when filled & return to a flat shape when empty. These can be stored anywhere--in a car console, sport or duffel bag, backpack or a pocket. Think how handy they are for traveling.

When you want your company to be noticed & stand out in a crowd, think about water bottles as your next promotional custom product.  Good luck!

Ronni Sherman


  1. Water bottles are versatile; but also expensive for most budgets. Pens make more sense and they are used just as often.

    I like the idea of water bottles and think you made some good points. I'd just save them for special events or gifts of some kind.

  2. If you want to keep your promotional budget under control and also want to gain reliable results, custom promotional pens can be your best choice.

  3. I disagree with both the above comments. While pens are economical, you get more bang for your buck with water bottles. Everyone has pens and so does your competition. Customers are much more appreciative when they get a larger item like a water bottle than just a pen. You can read a logo on a bottle easier than on a pen--in fact, you can't see it on a pen unless you're using it.

  4. Good information and relevant to anyone considering giving out marketing items with their logo. Our company has handed out water bottles and have gotten favorable responses every time!