Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Expanding A Medical Practice Using Promotional Custom Products

Retail companies dedicate a lot of time & research to figure out the best ways to market their business. On the other hand, medical & dental practices tend to have little perspective on effective marketing practices that help build a strong, referral based business. Ironically, it's the referrals that expands the practice.

Are you in the medical field or, as an advertising specialties distributor, does your data base include doctors' & dental offices?  Promotional imprinted products are a natural for the medical profession.

Older, loyal patients & the new ones just referred are not enough to sustain a thriving practice. No business, no matter what field, can afford to stay stagnant. A main concern for everyone is how to retain the customers & patients they have & still get new ones.

So how does a medical office spread word about their practice without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on TV or radio advertising & still keep a demeanor of professionalism? One logical, effective & economical solution is the same other professional fields........customized promotional items.

Distributing promotional custom products to existing patients after an office visit or to prospective new ones at health fairs & other special events is a healthy way to grow a practice. Giving the recipients something of value that will be useful to them will not only be appreciated, but will keep the doctor's name in front of them every time they reach for the item. And an added bonus is that name will be seen by others when the product is used in public. This is a subtle way to advertise.

The list of promotional merchandise a medical practice can use is endless--from the obvious to pushing the envelope & getting a little creative.

GENERAL MEDICAL PRACTICE: Pill box organizers, band-aid cases, reusable hot & cold packs, compact 1st aid kits for the purse, desk drawer or car are items that can be used in any age range & there are no boundaries regarding sex & activity levels. Every practice uses clipboards. Pedometers are great tools for preventative health care. 

PEDIATRICIANS: Logo imprinted toys, junior sized sport bottles that come in a wide assortment of shapes & bright colors & coloring books that teach healthy habits are ideal for the little ones who come in for visit. If a child has to go to the hospital there are coloring books that, in a nonthreatening way, tell what they will encounter while being there. Stuffed animals with imprinted t-shirts offer comfort for kids of any age.

OBSTETRICIANS: There's a whole spectrum of baby products that can promote a practice while pleasing the expectant mother. From newborn t-shirts & medicine dosage spoons to baby shampoo, soap & lotion all imprinted with the doctor's information......the list is endless.

DENTISTS & ORTHODONTISTS: There are many promotional imprinted products such as dental floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste & sugarless gum that can help advertise good oral hygiene & a practice as well. My dentist gives stress items in the shape of a molar to those anxious patients to squeeze during a procedure. A pediatric dentist can give his young patients coloring books touting dental habits. When teens have braces, their lips get dry so lip balms in different flavors is a good idea for orthodontists.

OPTOMETRISTS: All glasses come with glass cases, so why not give them out with the doctor's name & phone number on them? They'll be used daily & his name will always be seen. Other items that would promote an eye doctor's practice are microfiber lens cloths, a package of disposable wipes for glasses or an eyeglass repair kit.

CHIROPRACTORS: The obvious is the hand massager. They come in a variety of shapes & can be found in brightly colored plastics or sturdy wood. The options don't end with massagers--there's also hot & cold therapy gel packs, stretch therapeutic bands & pain reliever & muscle relaxant patches made from Arnica......all having ample space for an advertising message.

DERMATOLOGISTS: Sunscreens & lip glosses that are SPF30 are ideal. There's also a wide assortment of lotions & hand sanitizers. These all come with full color labels to really make a practice stand out & be noticed.

Some doctors choose to collaborate with a charity or school to create a joint project--one that would boast the name of their practice & website & they, in turn, donate the proceeds to the charity or school. An example of this would be a healthy eating cookbook & the doctor's name would be imprinted on the front cover. One doctor specializing in sports injuries donates reusable hot & cold packs to physical trainers & gyms in this area. These are great ways to show community spirit & still bring attention to a medical practice.

These are just a few of the any different ideas that can be used for advertising a medical practice. Even something as simple as distributing pens among the public get a doctor noticed. I hope this gives you ideas for an entire new area to promote advertising specialties.

The best of luck to you.
Ronni Sherman

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