Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Customized Promotional Pens--They're Essential

Here is a fun poem about customized promotional pens that I found on the Internet (written anonymously). It shows just how many times in one day a logo on a branded pen is seen......that could be your company name on that pen.

I  think this is understated--a pen is actually used & seen by even more people in a day.

As a promotional pen I have to say,
you would be amazed how I'm seen along the way.

I'm dragged from drawer at the beginning of day
to be shoved in a pocket of a jacket that's gray.

Bounced around as we run for the train,
I guess we must be late again.

Crushed & pushed but soon we settle,
now out with a crossword puzzle to test his mettle.

I'm tapped & chewed as he ponders his clues,
quick to complete the answers he'll choose.

We arrive in the city, crossword complete,
newspaper discarded, left on the seat.

But I'm back in the pocket, nice & snug
as he stops for a coffee in a take-way mug.

We get to the office, time to spare;
jacket is hung on the back of his chair.

Not me, his promotional pen--I'm here on the desk for all to see
sitting next to his work & his new PC.

Answers the phone with his left, me in his right,
ready for note taking, ink shiny & bright.

Someone enters our office with pen & paper in hand,
I can see that pen also carries a brand.

We go to a meeting, top brass are all there,
I notice a promotional pen in the hand of the chair.

You really can't miss us or the message we hold,
that's our purpose in life or so I am told.

Manufactured with care, printed with style;
we are displaying your brand all of the while.

The meeting is ending, chairs sliding back,
a quick word with you, says a colleague named Jack.

Couldn't help noticing your promotional pen,
I need a birthday present for my lovely wife Jen.

Just need the website & number it holds,
of the jeweler who specializes in golds.

You see we are top of our game,
when it comes to spreading your name.

We to to lunch & discuss a promising deal;
when it over, he uses me to sign for the meal.

Return to the office when someone asks,
"Can I borrow your pen to sign off on these tasks?"

Back at our desk, me in the pocket,
Jack calls by--he's ordered the locket.

Glad my pen was of help, was the reply;
hot date tonight so got to say good-bye.

Back on the train, I'm out & in use,
jotting down notes on some sheets that are loose.

Home in a hurry fast as he can,
bacon & eggs are thrown in a pan.

I'm put on the side for about an hour,
while he eats his dinner & takes a shower.

Mouthwash gargled, aftershave spraying,
looks like he's out for an evening playing.

Sitting in the top pocket of a nice clean shirt,
I can see the lady & hear him flirt.

He's doing quite well, she seems really nice;
he certainly seems to have broken the ice.

They want to trade numbers to keep in touch,
she uses me & says she likes me very much.

Numbers exchanged on a handy beer mat,
I'm put back in the pocket with a reassuring pat.

At home I'm in the drawer for the night,
to be taken out tomorrow--my imprint in sight.

We promotional pens are essential you see;
we are functional, welcome & usually free.

And if a pen could really talk, that would probably be a typical day.  There is one other scenario......a pen that gets lost or "borrowed". It can travel from hand to hand just like a dollar bill does on any given day. That's really good for you because then any number of people can see your message & one of those could result in a sale.

Pens are great promotional imprinted products because they are something everyone uses, even in this day of the computer. You don't have to worry about your target audience. There are gadzillions of styles to choose from & an assortment of colors......you can make it uniquely your own. Another benefit, it is one of the most economical ways of advertising your business as it reaches a vast audience.

If pens imprinted with your logo could talk, what would they tell you: "Get me out of this storage closet & let me see some sunshine." or "Keep handing me out--I love to meet new people."

Ronni Sherman 


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