Monday, April 12, 2010

How To Draw Traffic To Your Trade Show Booth With Promotional Wholesale Products

These next few months bring on an onslaught of spring trade shows.
Have you ever stood in your near-empty booth & noticed that it's the same companies that draw the crowds to their booths everyday, all day? How do they do it? You sell the same product; your display is brighter & larger than theirs, yet people walk past your booth & stop at your competitor's.
It's not the product & it's not the display. It's what they're giving away that's attracting the crowd. Whether you're in a grocery store or a trade show, people love samples & freebies & that's where they congregate.


Here are three ideas that will draw people to your booth & they will walk away advertising your company for you:

1. Candy or Gum. This is the most logical because wherever free food
is given out, you'll find a horde of people. It's definitely a crowd-pleaser but my least favorite of all promotional imprinted products. Your logo may be on the candy wrapper but as soon as it's unwrapped, it's in the waste paper basket & your name goes unnoticed.

2. Polypropolene Non-Woven Bags. In my opinion, this is the number one promotional give-away. Have you ever been at a trade show & needed an extra bag? As you've looked around you've noticed people all toting the same bag with the same company name on it. I've been approached & asked where I've gotten the bag I was carrying. The bonus is they're all advertising for you as they're walking around the show displaying the bag with your advertising message on it.

3. Products That Light Up. Signs that catch your attention are ones that are lit in some way. The same is true for promotional custom products. And there's a wide variety of them to choose from. Here are just a few ideas: pens, yo-yo's, high bouncer balls, flash drives & even some drink ware. All of these have LED lights that are activated when the item is used. Contact me for more items that light up & attract attention.

I hope this helps & that at the next trade show it's your booth that has the people pushing to get in.
Ronni Sherman


  1. Your suggestions & recomendations have always been right on target. After my previous two succeses I would'nt go anywhere else. I would recommend you to any one.

    Ed Sherman

  2. Numbers in general are down at trade shows. It could be the economy or the cost and hassle of travel.
    But with this ever present problem, we find it is more important than ever to get the consumer to our booths and many business meetings are centered around this very subject. I liked your suggestions.