Monday, April 26, 2010

You've Drawn Traffic To Your Trade Show Booth...Now How Do You Keep Them There?

In a previous blog, I discussed how to draw people to your trade show booth. Since then I've heard from several of my customers regarding this blog & even though they liked the suggestions, they all seemed to have the same concern: once you attract people to your booth, how do you get them to stay rather than take the promotional custom products & run?

That's a very good question. The main purpose of a trade show is to draw prospective customers to your booth to learn about your product or service & to let your current clients know you're around & have added new features to your existing line.

The fun give-aways should be a tool to get them to your booth, not the main reason for being there. These
promotional imprinted products should also serve the purpose of spreading your name around the show & reminding people of you after the show is over.

So how you display & give out promotional items is very important. Don't just lay the promos out on the table for anyone to take as they pass, but use it as a lure to get people in your booth & to talk to a representative.

Candy or Gum. The one exception to this rule may be candy. As I already explained in my blog, How To Draw Traffic To Your Trade Show Booth, this item may draw crowds to you but it won't keep them there. Therefore, if it's still candy you want to give out then I would leave it in a basket or bowl by an eye-catching display of your product or service.

2. Polypropylene Non-Woven Bags. These bags are a great way for your name to be seen throughout the show as people tote them from booth to booth, but I wouldn't leave them by the entrance just to be grabbed out of necessity of needing a bag. Instead have them hanging towards the rear of your booth so people have to come in & pass your displays. Hopefully a rep will be available to talk to them about your company. Make sure all bags have printed material about your business in them......catalogs, sales fliers, pens with your logo on them, anything you may have that can fit in that bag.

Products That Light Up. Anything with lights will grab attention so let the promotional imprinted products you give out do the same. Have someone from your company wander around the exhibit area using the item & directing people back to your booth.

Beach Balls. I didn't mention these in my previous article, but they're easy to transport to the trade show & something that will be used after the show is over so your name & logo will still be visible. I'm mentioning them now because they are a great way to attract crowds to your booth by displaying them in this simple manner. Put at least one table fan at each end of the entrance with the fan on high & facing up towards the ceiling. Then place an inflated ball over it & it will bounce in the air for the entire day.

After all this, make sure you have plenty of reps on hand to answer questions & talk about your company. If someone is greeted by another person when they enter your booth, chances are they'll stay to listen & look around.

I hope this helps. Good luck at your next trade show.
Ronni Sherman

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