Monday, October 18, 2010

Customized Promotional Items That Can Be Walking Billboards

Did you ever wish you could buy a traveling billboard & have it move around town promoting your business. Well, when you buy t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats & other apparel imprinted with your business name & logo that is exactly what you are buying.

Clothing with your company name & logo imprinted on it is perhaps one of the easiest ways to advertise your business. Out of all the clothing available with a business imprint, baseball caps & t-shirts are by far the most popular. They've become more of a fad than a promotional custom product.

No matter where you are, look around you & notice what people are wearing in an informal setting......t-shirts & baseball caps with an imprinted message or logo on it. Some people collect them & that becomes their week-end or casual attire. And when they wear the shirts or caps, they are acting as waking billboards for your business--wherever they go, they're taking your company name with them. It doesn't get any easier than that.

A great place to hand out promotional t-shirts or hats is at festivals & fairs. People love to get something for free, especially something that is as useful as a t-shirt, & wearing it will bring back memories of the event where they got it. It's a free souvenir for them & free advertising for you.

Distribute them at conventions & meetings & promotional clothing can create business relationships that will last a lifetime. Speaking of lasting a lifetime......the t-shirts & caps are long-lasting promotional imprinted products. Your company identity will definitely stay with the client.

Imprinted t's & caps are also areas where sponsorship can be used to generate community goodwill as well as advertising. By sponsoring a local sports team, school function, charity, political or other event, your business can make itself known in a positive manner & be identified as a company that cares.

I have a customer who goes to local soccer games & practices & high school football games when it rains & hands out plastic ponchos with his company name on them. Next to the player who scored the winning point, he's the most popular person there. The ponchos are very light weight & can easily be toted to the next rainy outdoor event.

If you are in an area known for skiing, knit hats & headbands are good items to embroider your logo on. In a beach community? Rubber flip-flops are unique, useful & worn by almost everyone. Visors & gloves are a popular way to spread your company identity at golf tournaments.

Promotional clothing will be noticed. People tend to read them when they would ignore almost everything else. Design something unique & appealing & your company name will make an impact.

Imprinted apparel, especially t-shirts & caps, are a cost effective way to get your company the exposure it deserves with the minimum of effort. Whoever is wearing the t-shirt with your company logo is taking it places where you haven't been. People will notice you & that's what customized promotional items are all about!

Get creative & make it fun!
Ronni Sherman


  1. You cannot overstress how effective it is to market with tee shirts. We get 10 times the reaction with them than we do with pens and baseball hats.

  2. Kelly from Village Studio/Studio Fifty-FourNovember 23, 2010 at 8:47 AM

    As an experiment we started putting artists' art on t-shirts to see if they would sell. We weren't sure if patrons of our studio would pay the price. Not only were they grabbing the t-shirts, but they were coming back for more that had other paintings! It's our best seller!
    You're right it is a walking billboard. These t-shirts with the colorful paintings are a great way to advertise the art in our small studio & the artists.
    It's our only advertising we don't have to pay for. We make money off of it instead.