Monday, November 1, 2010

Put Your Name In Lights With Customized Promotional Items

The holiday season is upon us. If the advertisements on TV haven't grabbed your attention, then I'm sure the brightly lit displays in the stores have. Lights are powerful & all the retailers are aware of it as they compete for your business.

Promotional imprinted products that light up are seen & remembered above any other marketing items. Think of the signs that you notice immediately--they're lit in some way. Whether it's a sign in a store window, on an office building or a billboard......they're all brightly lit, screaming to be noticed. The same goes for promotional items. There's no denying it, lights attract attention so light up your logo & make a statement with the gift you give this year.

If you want that extra impact, that special pizazz, when you hand out your promotional custom product or gift to a loyal customer, this will do it like no other: put your name in lights!

The one time not to blend in is when you purchase promotional items, especially if your product or service is in a highly competitive field. Let these promotional wholesale products display your name in a fun & creative way. Your logo will be in the spotlight & your company will be remembered long after you've met with the client or prospective customer. If you gave it as a gift, it will surely be a favorite & used even when the holidays are all but a faded memory.

Here are a few ideas that will be welcomed & useful to the recipient:
1. pens--the barrel lights up to show off your logo.
2. mouse--it lights up every time you move it.
3. mouse pad--a blue mood light frames the pad when it's being used.
4. flash drives--a soft glow keeps your logo lit.
5. luggage tags--lights blink while coming down the luggage ramp.
6. folding picture frame--when opened a soft light surrounds the photo--good for traveling.     
7. tumblers & drinkware--some have a steady light while others a blinking light.
8. yo-yo's & high-bouncer balls--if your business is youth-oriented, this will be a hit.

When you opt for customized promotional items to give out as appreciation gifts or as promotions to boost your identity during the year, take the ordinary out of the items you choose & add lights to your name. Wow your customers with your ingenuity & creativity. They'll think of you the next time they need your service or product.

Good luck & remember to make it fun & bright!
Ronni Sherman

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