Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Your Logo Can Taste As Good As It Looks

Every year, just before the holiday season, I have customers ask what can they give out as a food gift to their clients that will make an impact. Many times it has to be shared by numerous people in the office. It should also show off your logo in some way. It's very simple to use food as promotional custom products.

If you're thinking of giving out food for the holidays, don't think along the lines of cutting back on'll only compromise on the quality & your gift will be the same as everyone else's. Once it's gone, you'll be forgotten--it may happen before it's gone, if you're giving the same old boring food items everybody else is.

You should plan on purchasing the very best tasting food products that are made when ordered & have not been sitting on the shelf for months at a time. What many people don't realize is the gift food items that you find at the membership clubs or discount stores have been sitting in a warehouse for 6 -7 months before you purchase them. If this is how you have done holiday shopping over the past years, your customers will be surprised when you present them with fresh made-when-ordered food gifts.

Whatever it is that you give out, it should have your logo clearly displayed somewhere on the gift. This is not where you should forget about your company identity. Your options for customized promotional items in this area are endless.

Here are three ideas for shared office gifts:

1. tin of popcorn: the idea is about as ordinary as the 6:00 news, but you don't have to buy the popcorn off the shelves of your local grocery or discount store. If you're giving the popcorn as a gift, then customize the tin with your name & logo on the lid or the sides & make sure it's filled with fresh popcorn that is grown by the same people that pack & ship it. It is freshly popped--probably within a day or two of your order. And you can taste the difference! You'll never go back to that old stale stuff again.  Many gourmet flavors available, as well as combinations with nuts & pretzels. In fact, forget the popcorn & fill it with hand-dipped chocolate covered pretzels, an assortment of nuts or freshly baked cookies (again, baked by the people who are packing & shipping your order).

2. chocolate: chocolate bars in all sizes are available--from miniature squares to 2 lb bars. You can add your own logo to the bar, itself, as well as the wrapper. In many cases you can add industry themed designs to the chocolate assortments in a box. Imagine a 1 - 5 lb box of chocolates......the box has your logo on it as well as the large bar in the center & around it are the special die cast chocolates related to your field. The custom chocolate rivals that in European markets. The recipients are wowed by the intricacy & the level of detail & often exclaim, "this is too beautiful to eat!" Eventually they do & appreciate the difference in taste from the boxes of mass produced chocolates your competitor gave them.

3. gourmet food baskets: here you can let your imagination run wild from muffins & coffee or tea for a delicious breakfast for the entire office to an assortment of appetizers or mini lunches for everyone to enjoy throughout the day. Word of caution......whatever you fill the basket with make sure it doesn't have to be refrigerated & it's not something easily found on neighborhood grocery stores' shelves. Don't forget to add your company name & logo. Ribbon that ties the gift together can have your name, but it's also good to add something inside with your identity. Small candy bars or mini snack packs both with your name on the wrapper will be a hit. If it's a small office, a lasting impression would be to include drinkware with your logo on it--enough for the everyone. These could be ceramic mugs, insulated tumblers that keep drinks hot or cold or stainless steel water bottles. Wouldn't it be fun to walk into the office later in the year to see your logo on everybody's desk!

Keep in mind, don't give the lackluster gift your customers are used to getting. Wow them with a creative & fun gift that they'll remember. I hope this gave you some good ideas.

Ronni Sherman


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