Saturday, February 19, 2011

Promotional Wholesale Products Study Shows Advertising Specialties Still To Be A #1 Marketing Tool

In the last quarter of 2010, The Advertising Specialty Institute released the results of a study that showed customized promotional items are still the most cost-effective way of marketing your business.

The study was conducted through in-person interviews with individuals in eight different cities in the United States, Canada, England & Australia. Detailed questions were asked regarding various promotional products that they received recently.

Here is a summary of the conclusions:

1. Cost Per Impression: The cost per impression for promotional items remained unchanged--or showed very little change--in 2010, compared to 2008 & when compared to other forms of media, promotional imprinted products were more affordable & more effective. This just goes to show you that marketing your business with promotional products is much less expensive & more effective than using print or television ads. I am in no way recommending to use only promotional items to market your company......integrated marketing using advertising specialties along with other media is extremely important.

2. Product Usage: Bags were revealed as the highest number of impressions per month, making it one of the most effective marketing products available. Although their prices may be higher than other customized promotional items, they are much more effective in marketing your business. They have a high perceived value which means they tend to stick around more & be used more often. Another study by the Advertising Specialties Institute shows ONE bag will be used approximately 10 times a month & be seen by 1,038 people. That's pretty impressive--now multiply that by all the bags ordered & given out that month.

3. Gender Usage: Males were more likely to keep shirts & caps while females were more likely to keep bags, pens, notepads, and health, beauty & safety items. By knowing this information, you can make smarter decisions when buying promotional products. When distributing your marketing items, it is extremely important to know who your target audience is to get the desired results & full benefits from your advertising campaign.

4. Ability To Identify The Advertiser: 84% indicated they could identify the business on a promotional product they owned. More than 75% of the recipients have had their promotional imprinted products for an average of 7 months. This is, of course, the reason you do marketing......for company identity. That recipient may not be ready to make a purchase that day, but if you give out a useful item then your business name will stay in view. In the future when they need  your product or services they will call you over a competitor. Company recognition is a definite necessity for business growth & success.

5. Ability To Influence User Opinions: 42% of the respondents indicated their opinion of the advertiser was more favorable after receiving the promotional custom product. 62% of the respondents said they have done business with the advertiser after receiving their promotional products. Business today is tough. We all have multiple competitors so we have to stay one step ahead of the competition. Everyone loves getting something for free (as long as it is useful), so giving out promotional items will keep your company favorable among your targeted audience.

These were only some of the results. This landmark study from the Advertising Specialty Institute proves ad specialties were far more effective than prime-time TV, radio & print advertising. The full results for the Promotional Product Study is available online.

Promotional items are the most cost-effective advertising medium available. They provide measurable results for a minimum investment. They provide real impact in a creative way.

I hope this year proves to be a profitable & successful one for you.
Ronni Sherman 


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