Monday, February 7, 2011

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Customized Promotional Items

Many times a potential customer will tell me he doesn't use promotional products because "they just don't work." The statement couldn't be further from the truth. They do work--just look around you. All the big companies use them......HP, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Delta Airlines, Pizza Hut, NBC, Lexus & the list goes on. But it's not just the large corporations; the small local businesses in your town also take advantage of these because they've seen how effective marketing items can be.

It's been proven in study after study that promotional custom products leave a lasting impression & that they have the ability to stay visible longer than any other form of advertising. This is one of the best ways to obtain company recognition.

So why hasn't imprinted marketing products worked for you? It's not the items that haven't worked, it's most likely the product that was sold to you wasn't effective. Either the item didn't represent your company or it was the wrong one for your targeted audience. Or is it still sitting in a box hidden in a storage closet?

Here are seven questions to ask yourself the next time you purchase promotional wholesale products:

Does my customer need this product? This is the most important question to ask. Will your customers use this item you're going to give them or will it be hidden in a drawer or on a closet shelf? Worse yet, will it even be kept or will it eventually be thrown out because it was useless? Make sure whatever you hand out will be used on a regular basis, otherwise it won't work to your advantage.

Would I be happy to receive this product? This is similar to the one above, but ask yourself this anyway because it will help you filter out cheap items or ones that don't look good.  Select only promotional items you'd like to receive.

Does this item reflect my company & what it offers? The promotional imprinted products you are going to give should be relevant to your own products & service and at the same time be useful to the recipient. If you are in the tourism industry, then luggage tags are an idea for your targeted audience. Another useful & needed item would be the plastic bags TSA requires for all liquids--this has a large space for your logo & agency information. And if there's a problem enroute, your contact info is within reach.

How will the products look once they're customized with my company logo & name? Select advertising specialties that have the space to show your logo, name & contact information easily & clearly. This should not be a guessing game nor should it be an autobiography. Also think of the colors you are using as part of your brand. They should be incorporated into your promotional items because it's part of your identity.

Are the products reliable? Nobody likes something that stops working after a few days, even if they are getting it for free. Make sure the customized promotional items you are giving out are of good quality so that people can rely on them & create a positive image about your business. Realize this above all else......promotional products will reflect your company & what you stand for. Don't let that pen or cubicle clip say you don't care about quality.

Are these products unique? Research your competitors & don't select the same thing they are using. Try to think out of the box & opt for something different so that you can stand out easily from your competition. Even a common pen can be unique......there are gels, highlighters, eco-friendly pens, pens where your logo floats in the barrel. Or if you're a vet, pet groomer or dog trainer, how about a chip bag clip in the shape of an animal's paw?

Do you want your product to be identified with a current trend? If you're a local business appealing to people in your area, you might want to give out two messages......your own advertising your company & another showing you care about what's important in the community. Eco-friendly products would help you identify yourself as someone caring about the future of our environment. Is there a drive towards cancer awareness or improved education in your town? It's a good idea to become involved & let people connect to you on an emotional level--then they'll remember you when they need your product or service.

Please don't blindly order a pen, note pad or clipboard with your logo on it without doing some research first. Don't put yourself with the small minority who thinks promotional custom products don't work because they DO work & they can work for you.

Good luck with your next order.
Ronni Sherman

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