Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spend Less & Gain More With Promotional Custom Products

Using as an example, a Volkswagon dealership promoting their line of economical, gas-saving vehicles......which one of these forms of advertising will make the most impact & give them the biggest bang for their advertising buck? A 60 second advertisement on TV interrupting your favorite show? A color 1/4 page ad in a magazine you're flipping through? Their name & logo on the pen you're writing with now? Most people might think the ad on TV, but read on before you answer the question.

People process advertisements that they have seen or heard on television or radio in 30 seconds. For this reason it is pointless for a company to just place one ad on television. This type of media advertising requires long term strategy & investment in several slots throughout peak periods for it to be successful. Naturally this also means spending lots of money & although it is clear that TV & radio advertising is effective for many companies, the cost per sale is enormous in comparison to other marketing methods. That cost is added to the product or service & the consumer pays.

How many of you actually sit & watch the advertisements shown on TV? Think about it......isn't that the time to get up & run to the kitchen for a snack or a drink or do another quick errand that will get you back in front of the set just in time for the show to begin again. A large percentage of programs are now recorded & can be watched with no advertising. That's not exactly getting your money's worth.

Newspaper & magazine advertising is effective provided the reader actually sees the advertisement. To be noticed, an ad should be placed on the front or back page or the top right hand corner. That's very expensive & very few companies can afford it. There is a huge chance the reader will skip a page littered with advertising or merely not bother to look at something that's of little interest to them. Again, one advertisement is useless & long term strategy needs to be applied for a marketing campaign to be successful.

A study was done where readers of a magazine had no recall of the advertisements in the issue. If they could remember the company advertising, most could not remember any details from the ad, itself.

If you really want to leave your mark on the consumer without spending a fortune, you should seriously consider promotional imprinted products as your long term strategy; because the items you give will remain in the possession of the recipient for a very long time--an average of eight months.

A study by A.C. Nielsen Co., found that six months after receiving customized promotional items, 42% of the recipients could recall the name of the advertiser on the product when it wasn't in view. A survey with impressive results showed that 75% of people who had promotional products in their possession could recall the advertiser's name without looking at the article.

There are thousands of promotional custom products on the market which are proven to retain the loyalty of existing customers & attract new ones. Imprinting your name on pens & markers, notepads & sticky notes, ceramic mugs, memory drives, mouse pads, hand sanitizers & lanyards are just a few of the options available to you. All of these items are used frequently & for as long as they are utilized, your name will be seen & remembered.
Promotional clothing such as fleeces, t-shirts, jackets & baseball caps, together with imprinted bags & totes are great for allowing your logo & name to "walk around". Saying "thank you" with these types of items will truly impress your customers & you don't have to pay them to take your advertising everywhere they go.  Chances are they're going where you're not--how's that for great coverage!

Spend less & gain more with the use of promotional imprinted products.
Ronni Sherman

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