Monday, July 11, 2011

Health Care Products As Customized Promotional Items

Health & beauty products are used by everyone; not just those in the medical, pharmaceutical or personal care professions. Health care products are utilized regularly in treating minor ailments & in preventative care, so it's only natural to distribute these items with your company name & logo on them. They become the ideal promotional imprinted product because they will be appreciated & used by everyone.

Here is a list of 8 best selling personal care products that can help you spread your company identity when you use these as customized promotional items:
  • HAND SANITIZERS: help in cleaning hands quickly & stop the spreading  of germs. They come in bottles of all sizes that are handy & portable. They are also available in a spray or roll-on tube.
  •  SUN SCREEN LOTIONS: containing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E along with SPF 15, 30 or 45. This will be a popular & often used item as we head into these sun-filled months.
  •  LIP BALMS: are needed to protect lips from dryness & from the sun. They also come with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & SPF 15.
  • FIRST-AID KITS: come in a variety of sizes & can fit in the car console, gym bag, purse or desk drawer. You never know when there will be a sudden emergency so these are much needed items to have around just for those unexpected occurrences.
  • BAND-AID HOLDERS: come with a supply of bandages & are refillable. How many times have you needed a bandaid & you were someplace where you couldn't get to one? A paper cut in the office, a skinned knee at the park or some other minor mishap......your customer will appreciate this small, compact holder that can be taken everywhere.
  • STRESS RELIEVERS: make managing stress easy no matter where your client might be. They come in all shapes, so you can find one to fit your business.
  • PEDOMETERS: promote the importance of fitness. These help people keep track of the miles they've covered & some even record the calories & heart rate.
  • HAND MASSAGERS: another way to relieve stress is with these massagers. They come in a variety of shapes & can be found in brightly colored plastics or sturdy wood.
Using these items as promotional custom products can help you get  your company noticed effectively. You're showing more than just your advertising're showing you care & that's a big plus when it comes to business.

Have a healthy & safe summer.
Ronni Sherman


  1. We give out the lip gloss & sun screen at the meets our gym hosts & they're extremely popular. Our goody bags are the best!!!

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