Monday, August 29, 2011

Why Halloween Bags As Promotional Custom Products

Wow! Where did this year go?! It just flew by & now it's almost fall. The holidays are still a few months away but it's already time to think about seasonal customized promotional items. The first thing on the  list & probably the one that will give you the most exposure are Halloween bags.

You may be asking: why should my company order these? Here are just a few reasons why Halloween bags that boldly display your company name & logo are great promotional imprinted products for your business to hand out:
  1. Imprinted Trick or Treat bags are inexpensive. They cost less than a pen or a notepad & yet more people will see your logo on these bags than on the other items.
  2. You'll get tons of exposure. Halloween bags are potentially seen by hundreds of thousands of people. This gives you a great marketing return on your purchase. They also have a large advertising area so your logo & message will be seen as children go door-to-door.
  3. They promote child safety. Most Halloween bags have safety tips imprinted in the fun, colorful designs. If your business is child oriented, your customers will appreciate that & remember you the next time they need your services. And face it, everyone appreciates something given to their kids. For added safety, look into buying the metallic reflective bags.
  4. People love getting something for free. You can't deny that people like getting a free gift, no matter how small the gift may be......just so it's useful & these definitely are. You can give out your personalized bags with each order or have a "FREE, TAKE ONE" display.
  5. Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season. It is one of the most popular times for businesses to get promotional custom products, so don't be left behind when your competition markets during this fun & festive season.
  6. The bags are reusable & recyclable. Show you care about the environment when you hand these out with your company name & logo on them. They're available in a variety of materials & sizes: non-woven polypropolene, plastic with a choice of die-cut handles or soft loop handles, metallic that are reflective at night or kraft paper with sturdy handles.
  7. Great way to promote your business--now & later in the year. You can put your other promotional imprinted products such as pens, sticky note pads or a letter opener in the bags. This way your customer will have a lasting item with your logo on it long after Halloween is over.
Your advertising message is imprinted on the back.
Keep in mind if you order the bags now, you won't get them for another three weeks--that's mid-September & that's when you should start giving them out.

Billions of dollars each year are spent on Halloween related items. In fact, it's the second highest revenue producing holiday. Get on the bandwagon & make sure you are marketing your business during this fun & productive time of year.
Ronni Sherman

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