Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chocolate As Delicious Promotional Custom Products

Come on...who doesn't like chocolate? This is a really fun way to promote your business since chocolate is pretty much universally loved. This is a promotional custom product everyone is sure to want. So why not get this sweet treat that says something about you & your company & take advantage of the world's love of chocolate!

Some of the best reasons to use chocolate as customized promotional holiday gifts are:
  • Chocolate tastes good! Chocolate is a fun way to get your message across to new & potential customers as well as your loyal clients. You don't have to limit it to holiday gifts......have it on hand if customers come to your place of business, as an appreciation gesture in the middle of the year or distribute at trade shows.
  • Chocolate tastes good! Chocolate is loved by almost everyone. People will look forward to getting your holiday gift each year. It's a good idea when giving it out year after year to do it in a variety of ways.
  •  Chocolate tastes good! Chocolate is proving to be full of anti-toxins, so give dark chocolate & you will give a holiday gift that's a tasty & healthy treat--one people will remember. Make that memory even sweeter by imprinting "thank you" next to your logo.
  •  Chocolate is a comfort food, which when eaten, releases endorphins that make your customers feel relaxed. A relaxed customer is usually more open to your concepts & products. This a good for your next trade show. It now only draws a crowd to your booth, but if they feel relaxed they won't be in such a hurry to leave. It might be wise to have small squares of chocolate with your logo on the wrappers when you make sales call throughout the year. This is a promotional imprinted product that will be sought after all year long.
Chocolate is versatile & can be given as gifts in a number of ways:
  • Chocolate bars are small, lightweight & easy to carry. It's just the right size to fit easily in greeting cards you're mailing. The wrapper has plenty of space for your logo & company name. Many times the bar, itself, can have the same imprint as your wrapper. It will leave an impressive image when a client unwraps the chocolate & finds your logo is also on the bar.
  • Want to give chocolate as a gift for the entire office? One of the most popular ways is a box with a pound bar displaying your logo in the center of the box. It's surrounded by individual size chocolates, some molded to identify with certain fields like travel or finance. 

  • Can't decide between chocolates & chocolate covered pretzels, nuts or fruit?  You can order it all in an imprinted tin with your logo on top or give a tower of boxes each filled with a different treat. The boxes & the ribbon tying it all together are imprinted with your name & logo.

  • I've stressed in older articles when giving a gift during the holiday season, it's a good idea to give something that will remain with your customer throughout the following year so your company will always be in sight. I still think that's the best idea & you can do it while giving out your favorite chocolate. It can be added to any customized promotional gift you give whether it's an engraved pen, an umbrella or something for the desk. You can include it inside drinkware or insert it in a pocket of a bag or tote you're giving.
I do like the idea of giving a chocolate bar with your logo on the wrapper as a holiday or thank you gift. What a delicious surprise! But when incorporating it with another gift imprinted with your company name, it will make a lasting impression of your business & your product or service.

Did I mention that chocolate tastes good?!
Ronni Sherman


  1. These pictures make it hard to resist ordering the chocolate for clients and then keeping it for yourself.

    We've been giving chocolate covered pretzels for the last 8 years and it has always been a hit. Variety may be good for some people but our clients look forward to the pretzels each year.

    I like the idea of the imprinted box and ribbon.

  2. Some good points.
    You should contact us.

  3. Same here Renee.:) Very mouth-watering, isn't it? Chocolates are great give-away which is very unusual since chocolates are sort of expensive promotional item. But I think this is one way to help remind consumers your thoughtfulness and appreciation to their patronage.

    Stubby Holders