Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Guilty Pleasures & Customized Promotional Gifts

A guilty pleasure is defined as something you like that you can't justify liking. Guilty pleasures are those things you do that you love, but feel a little embarrassed to tell people about it. Or it's something you love doing, but feel you should be doing something else instead.

It's playing games on Facebook for hours on end or lying on the couch all afternoon watching old movies on TV. It's spending an entire day going from one garage sale to another & then looking back to wonder if you should have been doing something more productive.

My guilty driving or walking aimlessly along the beach when there's a long "to-do" list waiting for me at home. Even when there's not a list, I can't help giving into that urge a few times a week.

The point is: even though we may feel guilt for enjoying that special something, we still indulge ourselves in it from time to time.

As a business owner, guilty pleasures are your opportunity to give an appreciation or holiday gift that will really wow your customers. If you give them an item that naturally appeals to them, they will not only love it, they will use it. And every time they use it, your business name & logo is right there in front of them. That's how promotional custom products can work their magic for your company.

Don't forget about your employees. You can use your staff's guilty pleasures when choosing incentives or holiday gifts which will solidify your relationship with them.

There is a large "guilty pleasure market" out there if you're willing to be a bit more creative. If you incorporate it with a customized promotional item, you'll be giving a gift that will make a huge impact with your customers.

Is your audience crazy about technology? Do they always have to be connected? Techies will probably relish a USB flash drive, a computer travel set, a multi-USB kit, a mouse pad with a memory foam wrist rest or a laser pointer pen.

Do you know a lot of foodies, coffee fanatics or people with culinary tastes? You can dive right into these clients' hearts by giving them ceramic soup bowls, a stainless steel coffee mug, an ice cream scoop or a recipe calendar. Don't forget about that box of chocolates with your name on the chocolate & the box.
If your audience indulges in regular pampering at salons or spas, then you may want to appeal that. You could offer your customers a star massager, nail files or manicure sets, candles, or a set of liquid soaps, lotions, sun screens & lip balms. There's an array of sport, duffel & gym bags available for the work-out devotee.

Or maybe your clients are television or music enthusiasts. Try giving gifts that they would most likely pick up in a store anyway--like a fleece blanket or a CD holder. These items will both promote your company & help them feed their pop culture & media interests.

And who doesn't know that person who spends hours on the golf course or putting green when they should have been in the office? There are so many promotional imprinted products available for the avid balls, golf towels, ditty bags packed with tees & other essentials, umbrellas--even first aid kits that can fit in a golf bag or a water bottle. Believe it or not, tees can be imprinted. Let your logo fly off the tee towards the green, sink in a sand trap or float in a pond when you imprint it on any name brand ball.

Let's face it--Americans love their guilty pleasures. Almost everyone has at least a couple whether they will admit them or not. They're part of what makes us unique.  They help to give each of us a personality, & without them, our lives just wouldn't be as fun (or guilty).

How well do you know your customers?  Can you guess what theirs are?
Ronni Sherman


  1. As a caterer I like the idea of the ceramic soup mugs and the recipe calendars for our customers. Good holiday gifts.

    Down the road, I can see using serving pieces as a special thank you for our other business:

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