Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Promotional Imprinted Products & Summer Sports

Though summer is still a month away, the weather says it's arrived. Businesses can use the time leading up to international, national & local sporting events to boost their company image. There are many events to choose from, but none are more visible this year than the London Summer Olympics & the Euro 2012 Soccer Championships.

These two contests occur once every four years & it's hard to duplicate the excitement as the US athletes prepare for the games. Even the advertisements that will soon be seen on TV will trigger excitement. Companies can use customized promotional items to successfully tie these games to their brand image, but it's important to advertise well in advance to create anticipation for the sporting events & at the same time draw attention to their business.

Depending on the target audience that you're reaching out to, promotional imprinted products can be branded with simple patriotic messages that support the U.S. athletes or a specific event. For example, a company can order note pads with their name & logo at the top & the Olympic rings at the bottom with this message: "Good luck to the American Olympic teams in London!"

Whether you're backing our soccer team at the Olympics or our team playing in the Euro Championships, you'll get the message across by putting your name on a stress soccer ball, a sticky note pad or mouse pad in the shape of a soccer ball.

By giving out these promotional custom products now, you can ensure that they will be visible for most the summer as anticipation builds for the games. This visibility means your customers & prospects will continue to see your company logo & message every time they use the items with your name on them.

These aren't the only games this summer. Look for local teams in your community. What a better way to get involved than to sponsor a little league baseball team or swim team at a neighborhood park. Handing out beach balls, imprinted with your logo, at a swim meet is a fun way to gain company recognition locally. Let the recipients spread the word about you as they take the balls to the beach or a pool party in a back yard--maybe even on a camping trip.

Golf is a big charity fund-raiser during the summer months & many organizations & businesses actively take part. Whether you're playing in the tournament or not, you can still get your name & logo to be seen. Be a sponsor & then donate golf tees, golf balls, towels or even a sports bottle with your company name on it. If it's useful to the golfer, he'll use it more than just this one game & your name will be in front of him, hopefully, throughout the summer.

Ok, you don't want to promote a specific sporting event or sponsor a team or golf can still take advantage of summer sports as you hand out your promotional imprinted products.
  • Don't forget about that beach's a favorite among all age groups.
  • Promote good health while promoting your business with your logo imprinted in full color on lip balm, sun screen or hand sanitizers.
  • Flying discs (frisbees) are a popular item & you can see them being thrown around in parks & on beaches. Make sure your logo is on some of those.
  • For the fisherman you can put your name on fishing lures or bobbers.
  • A sports bottle is a must for everyone who participates in a sport whether it's hiking, biking or observing. It's always seen in gyms as people try to get in shape for the summer. When it comes to sports, this is probably one of the most used of all advertising specialties.
It's always good to hand out something a little different than what you've done in the past. I hope this gives you some fresh ideas as summer approaches. Take advantage of the excitement & fun.

Ronni Sherman

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  1. Olympics year is always a huge year for gymnastics & it gets very competitive between gyms so giving out products w/ our logo helps in a big way.