Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eco-Friendly Bags Have Become The #1 Promotional Wholesale Product

Most customers & potential clients judge a company based on a combination of things, including the promotional custom products they receive. With a growing awareness over the environment & the health of our planet, people are looking for companies that do their part in cutting down on emissions & using more environmentally friendly products.

There are some promotional products that are perfect advertising tools for businesses, both large & small, that are eco-friendly. Imprinted, non-woven bags are one of these. It doesn't matter what field you're in or who your target audience is......these will appeal to just about everybody.

Thousands to millions of dollars can be spent on advertising campaigns for billboards, television & radio ads; but the fact is that a custom tote bag, starting at a low, low cost has the possibility to reach more people with your message than any other outlet.

The Advertising Specialty Institute conducted a survey & reported that people who received promotional items kept them for an average of 7 - 9 months. This provides repeated & consistent exposure for your company. Have you given a bag to your customer lately? Chances are he'll use it more than 10 times a month & it will be seen monthly by 1038 people. That's just one bag........now multiply that by the number of bags you ordered & then gave out in that one month.

I feel these facts about customized promotional bags are so very important. Every business owner should be aware of them so they can understand just how effective they are as promotional imprinted products. Take the promotion of your company one step further & invest in the planet's future by using customized totes.

So let's talk about these bags. They are the largest, most purchased item in the ad specialties industry. In recent years, with consumers focusing on being more environmentally-friendly, their usage has skyrocketed.

Thanks to the excellent quality of printed bags made from eco-friendly material, they can be used countless times which is good for the planet & your business identity. The non-woven polypropylene totes are everywhere, used over & over. It's the one product you can never have enough of. They're recyclable, reusable, eco-friendly, water resistant & can be washed.

All positive, right?  Here's the biggest plus for you......these non-woven bags have a huge imprint area. You can blow up your logo so it really pops & can be recognized from a distance or you can add all the information you want about your business. These should be given out to everyone you come into contact with because wherever they go shopping, they're taking your company right along with them!

The newest non-woven bags are now laminated or metallic.  This gives them added pizzazz & gives them more strength & durability. Some display a multi-color pattern or design covering the entire bag. These will stand out & will highlight your business when your logo & company name is imprinted on them.  These designer totes really make an impression.

You can even get them insulated to carry fresh or frozen products home. Other bags allow you to carry more than just groceries......they have pockets & zippers. These customized promotional totes come in all sizes which make them adaptable to travel.  People head outdoors--to the beach, picnics, sporting events, museums, shopping--the list is endless. Carrying items to & from work is something most employees do, so why not have them do it in a bag with your logo.

What could be better than bags & totes as promotional imprint products for your customers.

Many cities in Los Angeles & Orange counties have passed a law that bans the use of plastic bags & there will a .10 charge for every paper bag used. More & more cities across the nation will be adopting this policy. Jump on the bandwagon now & start handing out the logical solution to plastic & paper bags.

Buying these non-woven, polypropylene bags & effectively displaying your company name on them is a promotional strategy that is priceless. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to promote your business to thousands of people with just a handful of bags.

Have fun with your name. Make it stand out--be creative.
Ronni Sherman


  1. Bags are the best for the planet, for a brand which the author of the article implied, for impending natural disasters. With their multitude of uses everyone should have them on hand. Also load them up with emergency supplies for in car, home, office. They are lightweight but strong. A must for any emergency that none of us are immune from.

  2. Bags made from a natural hemp fiber are the best for you and for the planet. They're sturdy and have all the attributes as the bags you promoted in your article; but are made from completely natural fibers containing no dyes or anything that's harmful. I strongly suggest you and your readers look into these.

  3. Eco friendly bags have wonderful life time.