Monday, July 2, 2012

Proof That Customized Promotional Items Work

Advertising specialties are products that are imprinted with a company's name, advertising message & most likely a logo. These products spread recognition & identity for a business. Promotional custom products are one of the most effective mediums among advertising because they have the ability to expose a company's name over & over again.

Best of all they are an inexpensive, yet effective way to get your name out in the public while fostering goodwill to your clients & prospective customers. Here are some studies that were done showing just how dynamic these products can be:

1. Research by A. C. Nielsen Co found that almost 1/3 of recipients of promotional products were using them one year after receiving them. The study also showed that, six months after receiving them, 42% of the people with customized promotional items could recall the name of the advertiser when the item was not in view.

2. Another study, by Specialty Advertising Association International, revealed that nearly 2/3 of the business travelers at Chicago's O'Hare Airport had at least one promotional item in their possession & 3/4 of those traveling could recall the advertiser's name without looking at the article.

3. Non-woven recyclable bags are quickly becoming the number one promotional imprinted product & this next study is impressive. The Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) conducted a survey & reported that people who received a promotional bag kept it for an average of 7 - 9 months & used it about 10 times a month. That one bag would have been seen by 1038 people.  That's just one multiply that by the number of bags you ordered & gave out that month. 

4. Baylor University conducted a study where a textbook publishing company gave 4,000 educators either a thank you letter or a thank you letter with a pocket calculator that had their logo imprinted on it. The results showed that the customers who received the calculator were more positive towards the publishing company & rated it 34% higher than those who received only the letter of thanks.

5. This next study is one of my favorites because it shows promotional items bring better results than coupons do. According to Southern Methodist University, customers of a dry cleaning store who received promotional custom products over an eight month period spent 27% more & frequented the establishment 49% more often that those who were given only coupons.  Remember the promotional item must be useful to the recipient to get this positive return.

6. This last example is not a study, but still shows the power of promotional imprinted products & how they can aid in your marketing program. Zaki Usman of Severa Corp used imprinted beach balls to lure their website visitors to their Twitter site & sign on as followers. They launched a FOLLOW US ON TWITTER & WIN A BEACH BALL campaign. By the ninth day after the program had started, their follower count went for 4700 to 9400. In that short time, they had more Twitter traffic than they had in the last two months. They also found that once they posted the offer on their website, people stayed on there longer than they did before the promotion. Zaki, himself, credits all this to the genuine interest people had in his beach ball campaign.
All I can say is what a wonderful & unique idea! Congratulations, Zaki, on your success!

Research proves that consumers who receive promotionals return sooner & reorder more frequently than those who receive no advertising specialties. These studies also show how important it is to keep your name in the public at all times & promotional custom products are the best way to do it.

Try it & see for yourself. I wish you the best of luck!
Ronni Sherman

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