Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Four Time-Tested Promotional Imprinted Products

Last week I wrote an article on the unwritten rules in promotional advertising. They are so very important to succeed & to stand above your competition. These four rules can literally make or break your advertising campaign......follow them & you're on your way to a successful marketing program.

Now that you know the unwritten rules to successful branding, how do you know what to pick that will make a difference......make you stand out & distinguish you from your competitors?

There are several factors why certain customized promotional items sell more than others, the main reason being that they work more effectively. There are products that are ordered more & render positive results for businesses time & again.  Some promotional products people respond to better than others. By using these for marketing, you help boost your brand recall & customers are more likely to remember your company.

When deciding which promotional imprinted product to use for your next advertising campaign, give some thought to the type of promotional item that would help attract new customers & keep existing ones loyal to your brand.

Here is a list of the top four items that are most popular simply because they are effective marketing tools & companies have relied on them to grow their business time & again. These four products have proven to be successful, time after time, in getting a company's brand out among the public.

Custom Water Bottles: These are by far the top-selling promotional items in the promotional industry. Why, you ask......well, there are several reasons for this.  The main one is the basic functional value of the product. Everyone drinks water or another beverage 365 days a year. Bottles personalized with your logo will be taken everywhere by their users & your logo & company name gets seen each time the bottles are used.  This is great exposure for you.

Imprinted Sticky Notes & Note Pads: Everybody uses one or the other or both everyday. These are like mini billboards. Multi-color imprint is usually included int he price so you can get creative with your logo & advertising message making it stand out to the user.  They are available in any size you want. Your name will be in front of your potential customer or client day after day in a fun & useful way. Let your creativity soar & see how you can wow your customer with a basic promotional imprinted product.

Promotional Pens: The most popular promotional tool of all time is the imprinted pen. It's a favorite with businesses across the globe. The variety of promotional pens is endless. The major attraction is the low price of the item which allows companies to stay on budget without having to compromise on their advertising efforts. And it's something everyone uses--even in this age of technology. Choose from a variety of metal, plastic, eco-friendly or gel ink pens.  Don't forget about highlighters & the combination pen/highlighter.

Imprinted Promotional Bags: This method of advertising has proven to be effective & cost efficient. The largest businesses in the country & around the world use imprinted bags constantly. This should be proof in itself. With the recent emphasis on saving our planet, non-woven, recyclable bags are quickly moving ahead of all other promotional custom products to be the number one best seller.  It's a common sight to see people tote their own bags into the grocery store.  What do all these bags have in common......they're imprinted with someone's logo.  With all the airlines' restrictions on baggage, tote bags--large & small--are seen at the airports.  Many of them are imprinted with a company's name & logo. Think of the exposure just one bag can give your business!

I hope this helps the next time you are ready to purchase promotional items for your company. Best of luck!
Ronni Sherman


  1. Finest products like this will help in improvement of business standards and relations with other companies of same profile. This is an easy way which is use by majority of people to increase their business.

  2. The bags you see at the grocery stores are now being used in boutiques like Victoria's Secret. People won't throw these away. It helps the environment and it helps the store.

    At our boutique, Willows Antiques, we're waiting for smaller sizes to be available. Once they are, we'll make the investment and switch over.