Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Customized Promotional Items For A Healthy Life Style

This is the time of year to start looking at healthy lifestyles beyond the dinner plate & renew those vows for more exercise that may have faded since they were made as New Year's resolutions. Inspire your customers to engage in fitness-oriented activities with promotional custom products.

Promotional health products are very effective in branding your business in a convenient & useful way. These are sure to be appreciated & used, giving your company exposure.

Many of your customers belong to a gym or a health center, so promotional items that are conducive to their workout are always a good idea. An acrylic or aluminum sports bottle will prove to be useful. Your clients will not have to buy a bottle of water every time they go to the gym, & if they run out, they can just refill it & get back to the weights or treadmill. The bright colors are attention getters & your logo is displayed for everyone in the gym to see.

To further inspire your customers to lead a more active life, give out customized promotional health items that can be used for fun. A flying disc will have them running around in the backyard, park, beach or campsites. Ultimate frisbee has become an extremely popular game for all ages. It's a standard on most college campuses--just walk by during the fall or spring months & there's sure to be a game in progress. A beach ball has been has been a favorite for any age & can also be seen at the beach, parks & around backyard pools.

Yoga enlightens the mind, body & is great exercise. It's become a popular trend & yoga studios are cropping up all over. Some provide yoga mats & others ask you to bring your own. There are classes in the park & on the beach.  People are buying the DVD's & doing the exercises in the privacy of their home. This PVC yoga mat comes in a nylon carrying case so it can be toted to the gym, park or a favorite yoga spot.  Not in to yoga? This can be used for other floor exercises as well. 

Golf is a big charity fund-raiser during the summer months & many businesses actively take part. Whether you're a sponsor in the tournament or playing, you can get your company & logo seen by donating tees, golf balls, divot tools or towels with your logo on them. If it's useful to the golfer, he'll use more than just this one game & your name will be in front of him, hopefully, throughout the summer. Another popular way to display your logo is on a multiple of items, for example an imprinted sports bottle filled with branded tees, balls & maybe a divot tool or a towel.

Encourage walking with a multi-function pedometer. Functions include measuring steps--up to 99,999 steps--distance walked & calories burned. Many include the time & have an automatic shut-off & idle mode to save energy. These are light weight & clips to a belt or waistband. If you sponsor a walkathon for a charity, this item is a great way to promote the cause & show your company cares about the community.  Or you can go one step further with a jump rope that has an LCD display showing the number of jumps & calories burned. 

What could be more needed after a run around the park or a heavy work out in the gym........a quick absorbing & a quick drying towel. It comes in it's own case. The towel, itself, is 12" X 31". You have a choice of white or blue in a black case. It's the case that gets imprinted with your logo. This is a definite must for sport bags, golf bags & lockers in a gym. Don't forget about team sports........this promotional imprinted product will be appreciated at schools & at parks where community teams play.

This is also the time for travel. Your client can stay in shape with the latex exercise band whether they're camping, taking a road trip, flying across country or traveling abroad. It's compact & easy to store. It won't add weight to luggage. It can also be used while at the office, the gym or at home. It doesn't matter if your customer is on the go or spends most their day in one place........this item fits easily in a purse, carry-on bag or a desk drawer.  It also fits any exercise regimen--from a light one to a heavier workout.

Speaking of healthy lifestyles this summer........let's not forget about the damaging rays from the sun & how important it is to protect your skin. Spread this life saving message to your customers with sunscreen that has your logo imprinted on a mult-colored label to grab everyone's attention.  They're available in sprays or lotions........SPF 15 or SPF 30........with optional attached carabiners.  These handy 1 oz or 2 oz bottles will fit anywhere--purse, pocket, desk drawer, car console, sports bag.

The main purpose of promotional imprinted products is to get your name out among the public & to make your company & logo recognized. The most effective way to do this is to give out items that people need, reminding them of you every time they use your product. And as an added bonus, hopefully they'll use it where others will also see your company name. These products that promote a healthy life style (as well as your company) are things that people will want during the summer months.

What would your customers use the most?
Ronni Sherman

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