Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unwritten Rules For Branding & Company Identity

How many of you can say you have no competition........that you don't care about your competition? If you're in business to succeed, I don't think any of you will stand up & shout "me" to that.

Companies are fighting over their share of the market......trying to convince you that they're the best in their industry......offering special deals & introductory offers that are hard to ignore. This is why brand & company recognition is so important today.

Brand presence is something no business can afford to ignore. Logo identity is vital to the growth of your company. Gaining that recognition is not an intall-and-forget gizmo. It requires persistent efforts to stay on top of your game & there are a few things you should pay attention to if your brand is to shine.
In fact, there are four unwritten rules about promotional marketing you should know if you are to be successful:

A well-executed marketing strategy: Your competition never sleeps. In the world of brands, everyone is making their own noise, leaving their own mark on the minds of the public. You must get your strategy right & stand above your competition to be noticed. It's showbiz time all the time in the world of brand marketing. In other words, keep your customized promotional items out there to be seen.

Be sure it's relevant to your business & of use to your customer: I've said this over & over & because it's so very important, I'll keep saying it until I retire this blog. Don't just buy something to give out because it was on sale or you don't have time to give it more than a few minutes of thought. A promotional imprinted product that your customer won't use or worse, stash in the back of a desk drawer or throw away won't do you any good. And they won't remember you unless it's by the useless junk you gave them.

Stay in touch & they will remember you: Your target audience has a short memory. Your clients & potential customers are perpetually being bombarded with new offers, new products, new brands. They can soon forget you with so much going on in the world of brands. So keep reminding them about yourself. People love receiving gifts. Hand out promotional products imprinted with your company logo. Promotional pens, imprinted notepads, recyclable bags with your company name will be considered thoughtful gestures to the recipient. In turn, they will think of your business over your competition when they need your product or service.

Make quality a priority: A pen is always a good item to give out, but a pen that skips when it writes or won't close when you click on the plunger will not give your brand a good image. What you give out reflects your company & what it stands for. Saving .10 - .20 on a pen could cost you a lot more in the long run. I used the pen as an example, but this goes for any promotional custom product you choose.

All four of the above unwritten rules in marketing are an absolute must if you want to succeed.  One is not more important than the other & one should not be excluded as you execute a promotional plan.

Good luck in your marketing endeavors.
Ronni Sherman

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  1. Daniel M. Hessman/ Burgan IndJune 19, 2012 at 11:20 AM

    Good insight. Points well taken.

    Something we should all be aware of, but easy to overlook in our daily rush.