Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Great Summertime Promotional Custom Product

"Although I am far from what you might consider 'outdoorsy', last week-end I ventured into the wilderness & went camping. As I was sitting around the campfire - surrounded by trees, water & insects rather than cubicles, advertisements & televisions - realized that in spite of the natural surroundings, I was accompanied by many brands.

From my flashlight to the collapsible can cooler & of course the Swiss Army knife, many of the items I brought had been given to me by a corporation. I started thinking about how these promotional products successfully traveled all that way with us, & I came to the conclusion that functional promotional items are key to building any brand."

The above paragraphs were not written by me, but were taken from an article written by a woman named Sara at Pinnacle.com.

Her last sentence is a huge statement: functional promotional items are key to building any brand.

There are so many promotional imprinted products to choose from & depending on your target audience & your business, there will be several that will be very beneficial to the growth & recognition of your company.

A customized promotional item that I'd to talk about now is a product that Sara also brought up........imprinted coolers for beverages & food.

Summer is an excellent time for travel, camping, hiking, picnics & days at the beach or the lake. And it's important to keep your food & beverages cold.

It's also the time for company picnics, sporting events, golf tournaments, marathons, water spectacles & the list goes on.

This is the time when children go to day camp.  Some include lunches while others do not. For those kids, who take their lunches with them, an insulated lunch bag is important so their food stays cool & fresh.

large cooler w/ 2 compartments
The common link between all of these events is the branded item. Promotional custom products are a key part of every special event, as they help to keep your company visible long after the event is over. One of the most versatile & universal items for summer events is the cooler.

Coolers are a fantastic marketing tool because of their functionality. For so many people they are practical, usable & not only for this month or this year--they tend to last many years to come. Camping, fishing, hunting, picnics, tailgating parties, the list is endless as to the uses. They'll be a prized possession & your investment will keep your logo visible for many years into the future.

collapsible cooler for lunch or drinks
Promotional coolers come in a variety of different styles & colors which makes them an excellent showcase for your business name, logo & contact information.

Small, portable cooler bags can be used for carrying home cold foods from the grocery store or used to transport ice cream home from your favorite frozen yogurt shop. No matter where they are used they will be advertising your business & people will love these handy customized promotional coolers to keep their stuff cool when it seems too hot to transport cold items from the store to the front door.

Medical practitioners will find insulated cooler bags to be an efficient way to travel with medications that must stay in a cool, dry space.

cooler on wheels
Today, customized coolers are not just for cans. Promoting your business with a logo imprinted  cooler can also be easily done on rolling wheels, 6 pack or 24 pack coolers, coolers that double as a backpack........all are just as handy for food as they are for drinks. Ice buckets, beverage tubs & lunch bags are also available. How cool would it be to see people sitting around a tailgate having a good time while conveying your company brand & message.
collapsible ice chest

In the absence of refrigerators & freezers, promotional coolers can be your answer to the coldness of beverages & food; also the freshness of fruits & vegetables.  It's an eco-friendly & healthy way to promote your business.

With their wide printing area, you can imprint your company name, logo & advertising message turning this product into a valid marketing tool--because where they are toted, so is your company name.  It's easy, it's efficient & it's effective.  That's what customized promotional items are all about.

Ronni Sherman

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