Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ten Places To Leave Customized Promotional Pens

Personalized pens are one of the best promotional investments a company can make. Distributing pens is also a great way to promote a fundraiser or special event. They are so versatile that they can spread your business name in any setting or at any venue.

They're small--they don't take up space, they're economical--there's a variety to fit any budget & they travel far--they go from hand-to-hand like a dollar bill. They'll go places you won't.

Not to mention, pens are useful, even now when everyone uses a computer, they are still needed on a daily basis.

But once you invest in customized promotional pens to help spread your brand name, where should you distribute them? What kind of locations will help them travel further fastest? How can you get them to people you don't come into contact with? Handing a couple out to a few people a month won't do the trick.

Consider these ten locales from your staff to local business:

1. Your employees: First things first, make sure each of your employees have plenty of pens for their own use as well as to hand out.  Think of these branded pens as multi-functional business cards!

2. Your customers: Make sure you give a couple to your customers every time you see them. Don't be stingy........the pens will help make your company visible & bring you new business. Also don't forget about the prospects. Make sure they have your pens so they won't forget about you when they need your services or products.

3. Local banks: Ask the bank manager if you can leave your pens at strategic areas around the bank so when a customer comes in, there's one handy if he needs it. Hopefully he will take it with him. It's also a good idea to give them to some tellers to hand out to customers who are business owners or in a position to make decisions for their company. Now if a bank is handing out their own pens, the manager will not allow yours to be distributed.

4. Local restaurants & coffee shops: Many local coffee shops have a corner where other businesses, artists, writers or freelancers can leave their information or show their work. Why not leave personalized pens? At restaurants offer to furnish the staff with free pens for the customers' bills. And with luck, a few will walk off with your pen. Most managers will be happy for you to supply the pens & many of them are eager to help build a stronger economy in their community.

5. Library: Libraries are spots where people often find themselves in need of pens. After all, folks rarely just sit around & read at the library--there's usually a lot of note taking. If your company is looking to draw the attention of students & college-aged kids, the library is a great place to leave your customized promotional pens.

6. Local schools: Most schools, especially the public ones, have had their budgets cut so there is little or no money for extras. When they have functions such as PTA meetings, bake sales, silent auctions offer your pens with your company name. The parents will take them home with them--another way for you to reach households you normally wouldn't have had access.

7. Trade shows: Of course, you'll want to include at least several pens & maybe a few other promotional imprinted products as part of your marketing kit at trade shows. This is the time to make sure your pens stand out........think bright colors, maybe cushy grip or gel ink. Remember, you won't be the only one giving out pens; but give a little extra thought to ensure yours is the pen people will keep & use.

8. Client meetings: Whether it's a formal meeting with prospective clients or just doing lunch to help maintain communications with a few customers, be sure to have pens on hand to offer around.

9. Special events: If you're hosting a charity event, fundraiser or a grand opening; be sure you've got plenty of pens in stock to share with attendees. These can be given out alone or in conjunction with other promotional custom products. Pens will "travel" & help your brand spread far.

10. Outside ATM machines: Take a moment to consider where you most often need aq pen & can't find one around. Chances are, the ATM is where your mind leaps. When depositing a check, you've got to endorse it first & how many of us have been without a pen at this key moment? Stop at near-by bank-affiliated ATMS--stick to to those outside the banks themselves or right inside the doors--& leave a few of your branded pens.

These are just a few ideas to show you where a pen will be appreciated & how to distribute them. You could probably go in to any local business (dry cleaners, pet shops, gyms, nail salons, body shops) & if they don't have pens of their own, ask if you could leave yours at their establishment.

Let me know if you have any other ideas. Where have you handed out your pens?
Ronni Sherman


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  2. Some good ideas especially the one about dropping them off at schools. Besides school functions, it is a good appreciation gift to teachers & staff who get very little recognition.

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  4. I LOVE these ideas. The Promo Pen is the new business card!

  5. Hey Tanya - great list. I really like the upgrade Personalized pens idea. Not only do you provide an incentive to buy, but you put your company details in front of the customer on a regular basis. Pretty sweet.