Monday, June 21, 2010

Customized Promotional Products Will Get You Noticed!

Look around you. Everywhere there is an item with a company's logo & advertising message on it. It could be a paper cup from Burger King, a note pad for a car dealership or a baseball cap flashing the title of a TV show. Now look at the pen you're writing with......who's name is on it? It should be yours. If it was, think how visible your company would be all day--everyday.

Promotional imprinted products are powerful marketing tools that target your audience & potential customers who might be interested in the product or service you're offering. I explain just how important & effective they are in my first blog: Why Use Promotional Imprinted Products (March 2010).

Today every business is doing its best to attract the attention of customers by allocating advertising budgets. These budgets should include advertising specialties because they have the ability to keep your logo visible for years to come. They should not be considered an expense, but rather an investment since their goal is to increase your revenue.

Investing in promotional wholesale products will be a long-term & wise decision. The cost of advertising on promotional items is remarkably low, yet the number of consumers exposed to your advertising message is exceptionally high. They can reach any & all targeted audiences you are going after.

The Advertising Specialty Institute conducted a survey & reported that people who receive promotional items keep them for an average of seven to nine months. This provides repeated & consistent exposure to your company. Have you given a bag to someone lately? Chances are, they'll use it more than ten times a month & your logo on that bag will be seen monthly by 1,038 people. That's just one multiply it by the number of bags you ordered & gave out in that one month.

Since your message is the medium, items with your name & logo on them will stay with your clients & potential customers. They will be within their sight as long as the promotional custom products are being used. Consumers will be reminded of you every time they write with a pen that has our name on it, drink from a coffee cup with your advertising message, hit a golf ball with your logo or drive behind a car with your website on the license plate frame. T-shirts & recyclable bags are walking billboards for your business.

Let your name stand out in front of the public at all times.
Ronni Sherman

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