Thursday, June 3, 2010

Make Room For Your Message On Promotional Wholesale Products

To be successful today, it's important to have brand recognition. If a potential customer recognizes your company name, they are most likely to choose your business when they need your product or services.

Once you've defined your brand, you need to keep your company's name in the public's view at all times. The best way to do this is with promotional imprinted products.

One of the most used of all promotional items are pens. They're inexpensive, yet effective because they go from hand-to-hand like a dollar bill & carry your logo to places you won't go. The one & only disadvantage: very limited space for your advertising message. And in most cases, this is rarely a drawback.

Yet, for those times when you need the extra space there are many customized promotional products that have a large imprint area & can show off more than your company name & website. These items can display your logo & all your company information in a fun & creative way. They have the room to do it.

1. Note Pads & Sticky Notes: The benefits of having your name on these are limitless as they are used everyday, everywhere by everyone. You can take up every inch of the paper to advertise by using a phantom image in the center.
2. Drinkware: Whether it's acrylic sports bottles, insulated travel tumblers, stainless steel water bottles or ceramic coffee mugs--these offer a large imprint area, usually on both sides. They are carried around everywhere which means where your customer goes, so does your logo.
3. Mouse Pads: Nearly everyone uses a computer daily in the office or at home. Your customers will see your information all the time & so will the people around them.
4. Recyclable Grocery & Tote Bags: Let your customers advertise for you while they shop. As they're toting your company name around you're giving out two messages......your own about your business & that you care about the environment.
5. Beach Balls: Have your company name & logo bounce along the beaches & around swimming pools. Wherever people gather this summer for outdoor fun, let your name be seen.
6. T-Shirts: This is a walking billboard for your business. It is right up there with the pen & is just as popular. Think about you look around you, no matter where you are--how many blank t-shirts do you see? Very few, right? Almost all of them show a logo or display an advertising message.

There are many more promotional custom products with large areas for your advertising message......coolers, towels, blankets, umbrellas......the list goes on. I hope I've given you effective ideas of how to display your logo & company name along with information about your business.

One more thing--make it colorful, make it fun, make your message pop!
Ronni Sherman

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