Monday, July 19, 2010

Advertising & Promotional Custom Products--Questions & Answers

I get questions all the time about promotional wholesale products & successful advertising campaigns. Here are a couple that were asked of me recently.

Why is someone always trying to sell me a .50 pen over a .25 pen? Why should I spend twice as much when they both do the same thing?
That's just it......they both don't do the same thing. The .25 pen will not write as well as the one that costs more & if it isn't going to write smooth, then it won't be used. The last thing you want is for it to be thrown in a desk drawer or worse yet, a waste paper basket. Then you've really wasted your money.
Also the pen, itself, will look cheaper than the one for .50 & again, people will reach for the more colorful, trendier one. The whole purpose of buying pens as promotional imprinted products is to get your name out among the public.
I'm not saying you need to buy the most expensive pen to get your message seen. Buy one that stands out so hopefully your company will be identified by it--in a positive way. It shouldn't blend with the dozens of others in that cup that holds pens. Besides writing smoothly, it should be comfortable to hold & the mechanism needs to be easy to use.
Anything with your name on it represents your company & who you are. That also goes for an ordinary pen that doesn't write well. Is that the message you want to give out? I'd rethink this, especially since your competition probably spent .50 on the pens he distributes.

Can social media co-exist with traditional marketing?
Definitely! Social media doesn't replace other forms of marketing, especially promotional custom products. They should work together. This is known as integrated marketing. But before you do anything, whether online or offline, there are four things you should define first:
1. Know & identify your brand. This takes a lot of thought & planning, but if you do it wisely you'll be more successful in your marketing venture.
2. Know your target audience. You'll waste your money if you're not reaching the people you need to reach. Learn who they are, where they are & what their needs are.
3. Know your budget. Don't get into a bind & not carry through with your marketing campaign because you ran out of money. Also don't start your campaign only to realize later you have to cut corners--you'll give out a different message than what your business is all about. That spells disaster.
4. Know your strategy. Make a detailed plan for your long term & short term goals regarding your marketing. Review it often to see if your goals are being met. If not, figure out what went wrong & set up a new agenda.

Do you have any questions you'd like answered? Send them to me & I'll be sure to post it in a future article. In the meantime, do everything you can to keep your company name & logo visible.
Ronni Sherman

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