Monday, July 12, 2010

Customized Promotional Stress Relief Items

There seems to be no way to avoid it......stress is all around us & has become a part of our lives. Whether it's at home, at work, trying to juggle busy schedules or family or health issues, stress & tension is there.

Most of us live with it, but have also found outlets for it......the gym or another form of work-out, a favorite sport, hobbies, shopping, hanging out with friends. Yelling, hopefully not at someone but in the privacy of your car, can also be a release & some experts claim a pretty effective one at that.

Circumstances, uncomfortable situations & people are all triggers for the stress we feel. This is never more evident than in the work place. Offices are confined & don't have the space to work off steam when tension builds. Maybe you could get punching bag into your cubicle or do yoga during your lunch hour; but start yelling at the top of your voice from your desk & you might find yourself out of a job.

Bottom line, there really isn't an outlet for stress during the work day. Tension is one of the leading causes of decreased work productivity & absenteeism. There is a quick fix though & that's giving out stress relief items as your next promotional imprinted product. Putting your logo on one will not only keep your name visible but you could be associated with good health in the work place. Because the primary health issue in the office is stress, your customer will use these more than you think.

Customized promotional stress relief items are effective. The stress ball is the most popular for squeezing away anxieties. Picture an executive leaning back in his chair squeezing it while on the phone, a receptionist absently gripping it while reading something on the computer or a sales person throwing it around while on a short break. They provide a release for someone without taking up valuable work time or space.

Most important, they're good advertising for you. Stress relief items are often found sitting on a desk, book shelves or a computer monitor which means your company name is visible for everyone who walks by to see. They're fun promotional custom products & ones you can be creative with.

You can choose a style that best represents your business......globe, square cube, convertible, plane, tennis racket, golf club, computer mouse, molar, hard hat, stop sign, dollar sign, cell phone & every kind of sport ball, food & animal you can possibly think of.

Whatever shape you choose, stress relief items are novel & effective ways to put your name in font of your client or prospective customer.
Ronni Sherman

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