Monday, July 26, 2010

Calendar Desk Pads Are Ideal Promotional Custom Products

Highly visible advertising & large areas for your company's logo & information make desk calendars a great way to advertise your business all year long.

Add a little color to your customer's desktop with calendar desk pads. At the same time, they offer your customers an effective way to organize their time & their appointments. With little effort, your clients can keep track of their schedules, deadlines, meetings & special engagements.

Six reasons why these make ideal promotional imprinted products:
1. They have a large imprint area & can show off more than your company name, logo & website. They have the room to display all your company information in a fun, colorful & creative way.
2. They are popular with just about everyone from professors & academic office staff to office personnel in any, real estate, medical, accounting, automotive, to name just a few.
3. They are an ideal way for your company to be constantly noticed. This is a customized promotional item that will be used everyday. Your name will always be seen because they sit on the desktop, not in a desk drawer.
4. They are useful & needed. There's ample room to jot quick notes as well as the blocked off dates to write down important engagements & appointments.
5. They're economical. For only a few cents a day, your name & company's information will be in front of your client all day, visible all year.
6. They make nice appreciation gifts to your loyal customers. And they have a much longer life span than a box of candy.

Ok, so now I told you the reasons these make such good promotional wholesale products, you must be wondering why I'm talking about them in July. Believe it or not, this is the time to order them.
* You can take advantage of the early bird pricing.
* Calendar companies are in their busy season. You need to allow for the time it takes to get your desk pads printed & shipped.
* October is a good month to distribute them. The holidays are already in full bloom by then. So be the first. If you wait, your competitor will get to your customer before you do.

Remember desk calendar pads will keep your name in front of your clients on a daily basis all year long.

Ronni Sherman

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  1. I always apprecite all of your advice. Can't wait to order new