Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Halloween Trick Or Treat Bags As Customized Promotional Items

Believe it or not, Halloween is just a couple months away so it's time to order your personalized trick or treat bags. You may be asking: why should my business order these? Here are a few reasons why customized Halloween bags make great promotional imprinted products for your company to hand out:

1. Imprinted Trick or Treat bags are inexpensive. The average price for these are .38 each.

2. There's a large imprint area. On a majority of the bags, the Halloween design is on one side of the bag & the other side is left for your company name, logo & your advertising message.

3. Your company name & logo will get lots of exposure. Halloween bags are protentially seen by hundreds of thousands of people. This gives you a great marketing return on your purchase.

4. They promote child safety. Most Halloween bags have safety tips for trick or treating. Your customers who have children will appreciate that & remember you the next time they need your services. And face it, everyone likes it when something is given to their kids. For added safety, look into buying the metallic reflective bags.

5. People love getting something for free. You can't deny that people like to get a free gift no matter how small it may be, just so it's useful & these definitely are. You can give out your personalized bags with each order or just have a "Free Take One" display. If you have a booth at a trade show, these are ideal to hand out. Does a local school have a Halloween event where you can leave them?

6. Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season. It is one of the most popular times for businesses to get promotional custom products, so don't be left behind when your competition markets during this period.

7. Attached coupons are an option that will bring you repeat business. You can get the trick or treat bags with a detachable coupon at the bottom so you can get repeat business from your customers & draw in new consumers with a special discount.

8. It's a great way to promote your business--now & later in the year. You can put your other custom promotional items such as pens, note pads or a letter opener in the bags. This way your customers will have something with your logo on it long after Halloween is over.

Keep in mind, if you order the bags now, you won't get them for another three weeks--that's mid to late September & that's just when you should start giving them out.

Billions of dollars each year are spent on Halloween related items. In fact, it is the second highest revenue producing holiday. Make sure you are marketing your business during this festive, fun & productive time of year.
Ronni Sherman

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