Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Successful Promotional Campaign Using Customized Promotional Items

In this economy, when most businesses are experiencing loss of sales & their revenues are down, it's difficult to think about putting money aside for advertising. Yet, it's during these difficult times that you need to think about promoting your company. Sure, everyone's cutting back, but people still need products & services. Even though the media is screaming recession,  you see advertisements on TV & people in stores with shopping bags. And that's why it's so important to get your name out there now & remind the consumer that you're around, ready to help them with whatever they need.

Promotional imprinted products are one of the most economical & successful methods to advertise your business. These advertising specialties are an efficient way to be seen by a slew of people everyday & to elicit a response from the public.

To achieve a successful promotional campaign you should have three goals:

1. Make sure your marketing message reaches your target group. Research & identify the needs of your audience. Are they a special interest group? Is age, sex or where they live a factor? Will you be giving out your promotional custom products to the public in general or to a certain sector? Windshield scrapers will be appreciated at a car auction in Maine, but not in New Mexico. Spiral notebooks are ideal for a high school or college fund-raiser, but if it's an elementary school then educational activity books would be more appealing.

2. Make sure your message is clearly understood by your target audience. This is so important because if your message is hard to read, you've wasted your money.  Customized promotional items shouldn't be a guessing game. If you pick a smaller item like a pen or letter opener, then don't try to say too much. You don't have the space & a company bio is not necessary. Your company name & contact info is sufficient. You can be colorful, you can make it fun, just don't make it crowded. Your objective is for someone to read your website or phone number easily. Have more to say? Then think about note pads, mouse pads, drinkware or bags. If you're mailing or traveling with these, I suggest you stick to the small & light-weight items & include additional information with attached printed material.

3. Make sure your message drives your target group to act. I've said this before & I can't stress it enough......make sure what you give out is useful, looks appealing & works as it's supposed to. You don't have to go for the most expensive items, but stay away from the least expensive because the promotional imprinted products you give out will define who your company is.  It's better to be known by a brightly colored pen that writes smooth than a .19 stick pen that skips. A cheap note pad with thin paper that is not glued properly at the top will only end up in the waste paper basket & you will be forgotten. But your competitor will be remembered if what he gives out stays on the desk & is used. Get the message? Now make sure your customer does when you give him your promotional wholesale items.

So remember, target your audience, then make sure your message is clear & it inspires the consumer to go to you when they need your product or service.

I hope this helps you & that your next promotional campaign will be a success. Good luck!
Ronni Sherman

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